Yes Mudras has healing power

Is mudras have healing power?

So many person  asked me this question in last couple of years.My answer is a straight forward yes,mudras can heal.
Our human body has three doshas(prakarti),vatta,pitta and Kapha.Every one in the world include in this three doshas or any of mixed doshas of this three.In Ayurveda there is clear explanation about is the link  if you want to know more about doshas.
Any imbalance in this three doshas leads to diseases.When you balance it the disease will disappear.Mudra help you to balance these three doshas. 
To know more about mudras 
If you want to know the list of disease that can be healed by mudras and their mudra here it is diefferent mudras for different diseases.
The most important point in mudra healing is you have to know that in which prakarti you are belongs to otherwise we can’t chose the exact mudra which will work for you.
If you are interested in mudra healing then first find out what is your prakarti then select the exact mudra which will work for you.With in few days practice you will get the positive result.
Thank you.