Itchy skin causes,Home remedy and mudra


Itching of the skin causes many troubles, and it is an irritable disease for the person and around him.He is not able to attend social gatherings, and many psychological disturbances occur.Its biggest problem is in your intestine or diet only a few occasion it causes due to allergy or infections.

Causes of Itchy Skin


Allergy may cause itching of the skin.

Sometimes chemical sensitivity causes itching.

Fungus infections may cause itching of the skin.

Diabetes, liver, kidney disorders may cause itching of the skin.


Home Remedies for Itchy Skin


Holy Basil is an effective home remedy for itching of the skin. Itchy skin can be cured through a paste prepared by holy basil applying on the affected area.It will give you instant relief.

Turmeric is an antibiotic for skin disease.It’s one of the best home remedies for itchy skin a paste prepared by turmeric applying on the skin will cure the infection and itching.

Mudras for itchy skin

Mudra is a non-medical treatment and efficient remedy for skin diseases.Here are some effective mudras that useful to treat itchy skin

Mudras For Itching: Prithvi-vardhak or Prithvi mudra, Shanka mudra

Prithvi-vardhak or Prithvi mudra

Mudras for itchy skin


 Shanka mudra

Mudras for itchy skin


To know how to do these mudras and more about these mudras click on the links.

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