Kubera Mudra and Kubera Mantra for wealth

Kubera mudra
Kubera mudra

Kubera Mudra for Wealth

It is a surprise moment for me that when I first heard about Kubera mudra. I was wondering how it is possible to earn wealth through a mudra? But when I gone through the details, I came to know that it is the mudra to increase the intent of your desires. In India Kubera is the god of wealth. Hence, the name of the Mudra becomes Kubera Mudra or wealth mudra.

Kubera Mudra for Wealth

How to do the Kubera Mudra 

It is to perform, just join the tip of your thumb, index, and middle finger. The other two fingers need to be bend so that can rest in the middle of your hand. This should be performed by both the hands.

Kubera Mudra benefits 

Kubera mudra benefits





The practice of Kubera Mudra helps to increase your confidence level and serenity. You should visualize your goals before doing this mudra. You can do this mudrā for longer times. There are no time restrictions and precautions for  Kubera mudra practice.

How does this Kubera mudra work? 


The practice of Kubera mudra helps to increase Vata humor. The increase in Vata humor helps the person to be creative, active, alert and restless until the goal is achieved.
People who want to fulfill their wishes can do this wealth Mudra daily. This mudrā helps in increasing the intent to fulfill your wishes or desires. .Do this mudra when you are looking for anything specific.

One import aspect is that one should do his own contribution to achieving his goal or wishes, simply performing this mudrā will not fulfill your desires!! It only gives you the power to do it.

The Mind should be clear and should not be distracted by unnecessary thoughts while doing the Kubera mudra. You should visualize your desires and goals while doing the Kubera Mudra.

 Kubera Mudra for Wealth

Kubera Mudra for Wealth

Those who worship Lord Kubera will get His blessings, He also stabilizes to be with every individual with good strength, better business sufficient inflow of money, education, industrial growth etc.

Auspicious dates to worship Lord Kubera is between Oct 15th to Nov. 15 (Tamil Month Aiyppasi). Thursday is the most auspicious day with star Pusa. He faces Northern direction.His characteristic symbol is the mongoose, often shown vomiting jewels. In the Buddhist pantheon, he is also known as Jambhala, probably from the jambhara (lemon) he carries in his hand. He is always represented corpulent and covered with jewels. His right foot is generally pendant and supported by a lotus flower on which is a conch shell.


“Manuja Vakya Vimana Varasthikam
Garuda Rathna Nibam nidhi Thayakam
Siva saka murudathi vibooshidham
varagatham dhanatham
baja thunthilam.
Om yakshaya kuberaya
Vaiswaranaaya Dhanadhanyathi
pathaye dhanadhanya samruththimme.
Dehi Dabaya swaha”


“Om Shreem Hreem
Shreem Kamale Kamalaleyi Praseed.
Om Shreem Hreem
Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha”