KUNDALINI Unveiling your eternal self



Sadhguru, an eminent Yogi, and a spiritual master review the potential that KUNDALINI holds. The Mystic talks on the importance of KUNDALINI awakening that can give an eternal experience and reveals the treasure hidden within.

The term KUNDALINI holds a reference to the perspective of energy that lays potent in mankind. Every mankind has a reserve of enormous energy in a sublime state, waiting for being excited and this is why human life is all about attaining perfection and hence, it is humanity in making.

Till the time you are in an unconscious state, the ever-going cycle of birth and death will persist. You can get to the state of evolution when you will seek for it consciously. The evolution process generates enormous energy and the state of consciousness is all about experiencing the magic of energy.


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Kundalini: You are sitting on a heap of hidden treasure


In the opinion of SADHGURU, KUNDALINI to the unconscious men is just like that treasure which is buried under the ground and the one standing over it has no clue to the fact. KUNDALINI is the eternal wealth that stays unexplored and unrevealed to 99% of mankind. However, the ones who consciously attempts to reveal the wealth, life gets transformed to a completely new dimension.

Kundalini: getting connected the eternal powerhouse


SADHGURU explains the potential In KUNDALINI with the instance of plug-point in the household.  Though this socket never generates the energy but, it paves the link with the powerhouse. Likewise, the human body has got its own power sockets. In Yoga, these power sockets are called CHAKRAS. MULADHARA, the one that lies at the tip of the spinal cord, takes the role of the power socket for the human body.  There are 6 other chakras in the body of which 5 take the role of the plug. The 7th one, SAHASRAR, which lies just below the midbrain, is conceived as the light bulb. If you can plug in, you will attain a state of illumination that will persist for the 24 hours of the day.

It is a tragedy that the majority of the mankind lives unplugged, though they are unconsciously trying to generate the power.  Energy is not merely about some physical actions, but it is about existence. The one who knows the mechanism of energy, get to know the entire mystery of the creation of the universe.

How to tune with KUNDALINI?


As shaking hands can never plug in a device or an appliance, the art of awakening KUNDALINI is a herculean task for the majority of mankind. The one aspiring to attain that supreme state of consciousness needs to have solid mental and physical strength to absorb the after effects of the awakened KUNDALINI. Aside, they need to have a strong hold over their emotion and mental plane.


YOGA is the way to gather the necessary physical and mental strength that will aid the task of plugging it.  It is the science that deals with the appropriate plugging so that energy flows seamlessly.  Once this connectivity gets established, automatically the person will start moving in the direction that he/she has been aspiring for.


The Organic Atom


SADHGURU described mankind as “Organic Atom”.  The atom is invisible to the eyes, but, if smashed, it can produce a tremendous effect. The awakening or rising of the KUNDALINI implies that the individual has learned the trick to tap into the eternal energy.  However, as this energy is enormous, it is inevitable that you attain a solid state of mental and physical health before you approach the trick to awaken and excite the KUNDALINI.

Although SADHGURU explains the benefits in the awakening of KUNDALINI, he as well raised the caution that one needs to approach the awakening activities, only after attaining mental and physical stability and under the aegis of an expert Spiritual master who will be able to guide his/her disciples to escape the challenges that come from the seamless flow of energy.