KUNDALINI Yoga- is it a blessing or a curse?



SADHGURU explains the fundamental of KUNDALINI, its appearance as well as reviews the aspect of KUNDALINI Yoga. The mystic narrates the how one should approach this spiritual process with high reverence and the responsibilities of the individual who decide to walk through this pious path.


As per Yogic tradition, the KUNDALINI is represented by a serpent. The attribute of KUNDALINI is unique as you would never ever feel its existence until it attains a state of awakening and consciousness. Hence, you can feel it only when it gets to a state of motion and once you get to that state, you get the power to do such acts that are apparently supernatural.

KUNDALINI Yoga- is it a blessing or a curse?


KUNDALINI and Human Perception

Attainment of a higher state of energy will automatically elevate the level of perception. The only objective of a Yogi is to attain the state of elevated perception. The spiritual endeavors implies to the elevation of human perception as the extent of knowledge are limited to the level of his/her perception.


KUNDALINI & the 3rd Eye- the correlation


The 3rd eye never implies that an individual getting a physical eye on his/her forehead. It refers to a perspective and a level of elevated perception. The physical eyes hold the capability to view only the materialistic dimension. The 3rd eye is the conscious perception that introspects on the real self of a man. This is a stage wherein the essence of life changes completely with the level of perception reaching its maximum limits.


Kundalini Yoga: Approach with full preparation


In concurrent times, innumerable books are available in the market that is themed on KUNDALINI Yoga and it reads out the benefit in practicing this Yoga. However, these books are written with a complete superficial approach and without having any functional experience on the practice of KUNDALINI Yoga. Many people can be traced out, who had approached the process of KUNDALINI Yoga, based on this bookish knowledge and ended up losing their physical capabilities as well as mental stabilities. Though these instances are very unfortunate, it was ought to be as there was none to guide the individuals through the ideal approaches of this Yoga and the liberation of the hidden power took the worst toll on the physical and mental health.  Hence, SADGURU made it very clear that the act of approaching KUNDALINI Yoga without having an able guide or to perceive it on bookish knowledge in an act of irresponsibility and if one does that, has to be ready to pay these tolls.


Kundalini Yoga: The art of taming the serpent


SADGURU explained KUNDALINI Yoga with the art to tame a serpent. Until the time the serpent is sleeping, you can play around with it. But, the moment the snake is awakened; it is simply the whispering death before you.  Likewise, until the time the KUNDALINI is lying latent, you will merely feel its existence. However, the moment it is awakened, there will be the seamless flow of energy through your body and you get a raise of elevated perception, all of a sudden. This state can be dangerous as you don’t have any clue as how to bring the enormous energy level under your control.


Kundalini Yoga: the art to win over limitations


Though the basic objective of Yoga is to cross the barriers of limitations, Kundalini Yoga is dedicated to getting you to that state. Mankind, though unknowingly, is working to arouse the KUNDALINI that will empower them to win over limitations. The moment a systematic approach is undertaken in this regard, it becomes Yoga.

Anything that holds the potential for benefits comes with some inherent challenges. The challenges never imply that you will stop exploring the pros. However, it makes you responsible for approaching the exploration of the pros wit care, patience and being wise. If you comply to these responsibilities, KUNDALINI Yoga will be the biggest blessing of God to you. On the other hand, for the irresponsible, it is the way to face the red-eye of the Lord.
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