Linga mudra benefits


Linga mudra

The Sanskrit word “Linga” means male sex organ “phallus.” The practice of this mudra increases sexual power in the male.

Linga mudra is the best mudrā to improve the fire element in the body which helps to increase pita humor.

How to do Linga mudra

Linga mudra


Linga mudrā is very easy to do; it is formed by interlocking the palms but keeping the left thumb erect, pointing upwards.

The impact of linga mudra on health

Thumb represents the fire element. Linga Mudra helps reinforce fire. The fire element is the major component of pita humor and also the sexual energy.

Benefits of Linga Mudra:

Linga Mudra practice is very much beneficial to overcome cold and overweight.

This mudra contributes to burning the extra fat in the body that helps to weight loss.

Linga Mudra for cold, this mudra increase hotness in the body that helps to relieve cold.

Linga mudra is useful in the treatments of Shivering and chills due to intolerance of cold weather or hypothermia.

All the ailments caused due to the accumulation of mucus in the body.

Diseases like sinusitis, wet cough, sticky stools can be overcome through linga mudra.

Asthma and other respiratory ailments that occur at the change of weather can be overcome through linga mudra practice.

Sexual debility in men is easily overcome through linga mudra practice.

Duration of Linga mudra practice

This mudrā can be practice only when there is a  necessary. Linga mudrā duration is 30 minutes.

Precautions for Linga Mudra practice

If you are suffering from fever or pita Prakriti, then don’t do this.


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