Lotus pose in peacock pose (Padma Mayurasana)


Padma Mayurasana

Padma Mayurasana

It is also known as “Lotus pose in peacock pose.” Padma Mayurasana is done by first assuming the Padmasana and then doing the Mayurasana. It is an advanced yoga asana. It requires a real strength of the arms and the abdominal muscles along with a good sense of balance.

How to do Padma Mayurasana

First of all start with; Padmasana… then
1. Place your palms on the front after inverting your
fingers (the fingers are pointing towards your body
and wrists are to the front. Fingers should be well
2. Shift the weight of your body on your hands by
raising padmasana slowly.
3. Keep the torso horizontal.

Benefits Of Padma Mayurasana

1. As per Mayurasana but balancing is easier.
2. Helps to stimulate Metabolic process.
3. Contributes to increasing in secretion from different organs.
4. Stimulates elimination of toxins from the blood.
5. Removal of skin conditions such as boils.
6. All the digestive organs are get massaged.
Intestinal peristalsis is stimulated.
7. Treatment of flatulence, constipation, diabetes,
sluggishness of liver & kidneys.
8. The endocrine system is balanced.
9. All muscles of the body are strengthened.
10.Toxins and impurities accumulated are burnt.
11.The three doshas are balanced.


If you have any of the following disorders please don’t try this; High BP, hernia, heart disease, any type of
ulcer, physical weakness, pregnancy, weak
wrists and arms.