Macrobiotic Lifestyle


In oreder to establish a firm foundation of natural health, physiological stability, and adaptability, it is vital that the following factors in our dialy lives that have led to symptoms or suffering or sickness are recognised, so that we may seek or correct them. Macrobiotics is believed to be the natural cycle of life, an example of the universal yang, which occur everywhere and in everything. Macrobiotic practioners urge you to live each day happily, withour being pre-occupied with your condition, or dwelling on negative thoughts, ideas or emotions.

It is fundamental belief that nature is essential to life, and that regular contact with nature is necessary to enjoy optimum health and well-being. There are some dialy practices, which are helpful in creating a more stable and harmonious lifstyle.

Eat only when hungry.

Proper chewing( around 50 times or more per mouthful) is important for good digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Eat in an orderly and relaxed manner. When you eat, sit with a good posture and take a moment to express gratitude for the food.

You may eat regularly two or three times per day, as much as you want, provided the proportion is generally correct and each mouthful is throughly chewed. It is best to leave the table satisfied but not ful.

Drink liquids moderately, only when thirsty.

For the depest and most restful sleep, retire before midnight and avoid eating at least 2 to 3 hours before sleeping.

Bathe as needed but try to avoid lengthy hot baths or showers, as they can deplete the body of minerals and have a weakening effect. Preferably take beief baths or showers with a moderate temperature. If you feel fatigued after bathing you may drink a small cup of shoyubancha, or misol soup to replenish your energy.

Use cosmetics and cleaning products that are made from natural non-toxic ingredients. Avoid chemically perfumed products. For care of the teeth, brush with natural preparations. To maintain healthy skin function, which plays a vital part in the excretory system’s regular discharging of toxins, avoid using chemically produced cosmetics and body care products. Try to use natural cosmetics from vegetablke sources only.

As much as possible, wear cotton clothing, especialy for undergarments. Avoid wearing synthetic or wollen clothing directly on neck, or any other part of the body.

Spend time outdoors if strength permits. walk on the grass, beach or soil up to one half hour every day. Spend some time in direct sunlight. Get plenty of fresh air and when you can walk barefoot on the soil, grass or beach . Keep large green plants in your home wherever possible. It is best to use central heating and air conditioning only to the extent necessary for reasonable comfort. Allow yourself to experience the natural seasonal changes of temperature appropriate to the climate where you live.

Exercise regularly. Activities may include walking, yoga, martial arts, dance, etc.

Keep your home in good order, especiallyu the areas where food is prepared and served.

To revitalise the blood and stimulate limp circulation, scrub and massage the whole body with a hot, damp cotton towel or flannel until your skin becomes flushed, each moring or night. Atleasst scrub the arms, legs, hands and feet, including each finger and toe.

Avoid using electric cooking devices such as ovens and cooking ranges or micrwave oven. The use fo a gas or wood stove is preferred.

Use earthware, cast iron, or stainless steel cookware rather than aluminium or Teflon-coated pots.

Minimize the frequent use of television and computer display units. When using a computer, protect yourself from potentially harmful electromagnetic fiels with a protective shield over the screen and other safety devices.

Greet every happily and with appreciation.

Initiate and maintain a regular correspondence with all family members, expressing thanks for their part in your life.

Enlarge your circle of friends and acquintances, including people from different lifestyle.

Share your food more often by having people around; food prepared in large quantities is more satisfying and the act of sharing food is a universal gesture of human kindness and brotherhood.

Put aside some time each day for peace and quiet and thak your forebears and teachers for their help. Repeat your dedication to aid and support those who loook to you for guidance.

Change your menu as per the season

Follow some of these principles and you will very soon feel the difference there have been many cases where cancer and diabetes patients have adopted thius diet pattern and have highly benefited from it.

The Macrobiotic Way

Macrobiotic dietary principles are based on a simple, intuitive understanding of the body’s needs and the belief that proper dietary practice is essential for the development of health, freedom and happiness. 

The following principles are recommended for people who live in the world’s temperate zones;

  1. Each meal should be based on vegetable products with occasional supplements of animal food if neccessary.

2. Whole cereal grains should constitute more than half of the meal with occational supplements of beans.

3. Most vegetable should be cooked rather than raw and chosen for seasonal variation. Locally grown produce is preferable to that grown at a distance and therefore out of season.

4. Sea vegetables may be used as a supplement.

Fruits and nuts grow in the same climate may also be used.

Animal food should comprise less than 15% of the meal and should always be eaten with vegetables.

7. Food should be mainly seasoned with unrefined sea salt and vegetable oil.