When the muscles are pulled together and the middle group of muscles protrudes, it is called madhyama nauli.

How is Nauli yoga Practiced

Nauli Kriya is the practice of contracting and isolating the rectus abdominal muscles. The root word “Nala” means the “navel string” that is rectus abdominal muscles. It also means a tubular vessel.

Maintaining Uddiyana, give a forward and downward push to the abdominal point just above the pelvic bone in the midline, where the two recti originate. This push brings about the contraction of these muscles which stand out in the center, leaving the other muscles me the abdominal wall in a relaxed condition.

Benefits of Nauli Kriya

Nauli Kriya is good for all the organs inside Abdominal and Pelvic cavity like small intestine, large intestine, stomach, bowel, kidneys, liver, pancreas, reproductive organs. This practice alleviates
Constipation,Indigestion ,Nervous,Diarrhea,Acidity,Flatulence,Depression,Hormonal imbalance,Sexual and urinary disorders,Diabetes,Lack of energy,Emotional disturbances.,Nauli massages and tones up entire
abdominal area including
1. Muscles
2. Nerves
3. Intestine
4. Reproductive organs
5. Urinary and
6. Excretory organs.
Nauli stimulates and purifies, Manipura chakra, the storehouse of, prana. It helps to increase mental clarity and power by harmonizing the energy flows in the body. Through the practice of nauli, one can control one’s appetite, sensual desires, strength, and willpower. If this can be attained, the practitioner will find deeper satisfaction within.

Precautions for nauli yoga 

However, nauli cannot be practiced by everyone. Those suffering from heart disease, hypertension, hernia,
gastric or duodenal ulcers and other ailments or who are recovering from some internal injury or abdominal
surgery, cannot do it. You must ask your physician or doctor before you even attempt to practice.