Massage therapy as a treatment for pain


Massage therapy as a treatment for pain

When most of us think about massage, what is the first purpose that comes to mind? For most of us, that word is relaxation. And there’s no doubt about it: Massage therapy is a fantastic way to relieve tension and become more relaxed. But there are other benefits to massage therapy, too.  Did you know that massage therapy can be a very effective way to manage pain without medications? By applying pressure to particular areas of the soft tissue in the body, pain can be alleviated quite effectively, as long as the treatment is administered by a qualified Calgary massage therapy expert.

Massage therapy as a treatment for pain


When done correctly, massage therapy can help to stretch out sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons which, as a result, can increase blood flow to the affected region and alleviate pain. Manual manipulation of the body can also quiet the nervous system, which stops the body from sending pain signals to the brain.

There are several areas of the body that can be treated by various types of massage therapy movements.  This include:

Neck and shoulders

Upper and lower back


Arms and hands

Legs and feet

Face and head


Virtually everyone is a possible candidate for massage therapy, including the elderly, pregnant women, children and even very young babies.

Massage therapy can also help the pain in other ways, too. First, by increasing the range of motion and flexibility. Second, massage can also improve the nervous system’s health, which can aid the body in healing from injuries, surgery and illness. Finally, massage can also stimulate the lymph system, which helps to bolster the body’s natural ability to fight against toxins.

Conditions such as migraine headaches can be very debilitating. Instead of reaching for over-the-counter or prescription medications to deal with the pain, more and more people are turning to alternative ways of dealing with the pain. Massage therapy is one such treatment option. Similarly, patients with conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory conditions are finding relief through therapeutic touch.

Massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages and who suffer from a wide variety of ailments, from acute pain to chronic conditions. Because it does not involve anything invasive or medicinal, massage therapy is generally regarded as safe for virtually everyone.  However, as with every form of medical treatment, it is always advised that you speak to your healthcare team before starting a massage therapy regimen. However, if you have been resorting to medications to deal with your pain, inquiring about medicine-free alternatives is probably a good idea.  Medication can not only stop working effectively after long-term use, but many types of pain medications are highly addictive and can have many negative interactions and potentially serious side effects. Massage therapy can give you relieve from your symptoms, increase your overall feeling of well-being, and reduce your stress – all without the negative side effects.