Mudra to develop extra sensory perception (E.S.P) Video


Mudra To Develop E.S.P( Extra Sensory Perception)

The practice of Aakash mudra enables the individual (Aatamaa) to reunite with the collective consciousness. All the negative emotions are replaced by positive emotions and thoughts. Aakash mudra or Aakash-vardhak mudra are useful to develop E.S.P (Extra Sensory Perception) .

Aakash mudra


How to do Aakash mudra
Join the tips of middle finger and thumb finger to form Aakash mudra.
You have to do mudras with both the hands.

Just a simple touch of the tips of the finger is enough to get results of mudra practice.

Duration of mudra practice
45 minutes of regular practice


15 minutes thrice a day.

If you are a Vata excess person then do this mudra in moderation only.

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