Mudra for Eye Care

mudra for eye care

mmudra for eye care

The eyes are the most exploited organ of the human body. The eyes of modern Homo sapiens are constantly busy with activity. There is a strong avalanche of lighting fixtures, computer screens, and artificial lighting systems. The eyes are exposed to dry air in homes, offices, and vehicles with air conditioning.

This leads to eye fatigue, the early onset of eye diseases such as myopia, astigmatism, and cataracts, drought-related disorders such as the appearance of black spots in the eye (floating bodies) and dark circles around the eyes. ,

Prana Mudra is an easy-to-use hand gesture that energizes the eyes and keeps them moist and healthy. Prana Mudra is formed by joining the tip of the thumb with the end of the ring and the little finger. The ring represents the earth element and the little finger represents the water element. The combination of these two elements relaxes the muscles and nerves of the eyes.

Prana Mudra can be practiced anytime. You can do it while you go, travel or sit. At my recommendation, one of my colleagues practices it daily for an hour, going from the office to the house in the subway of the city. When he comes home, he feels completely freed from the tiredness of his eyes and body.

To counteract the harmful effects of dry air in a temperature-controlled environment, you should use a lotion every morning and evening.

Exercises like fast blinking, eye rotation and near/far vision increase the eye muscles.

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