Top Four Hand Mudras For Weight loss and Obesity

Overweight and obesity have become a common problem of the modern time. Overweight leads to many health concerns; therefore, it is crucial that we all have to maintain an ideal weight to lead a healthy life. Practicing mudra is one of the best ways to lose weight naturally at home. As it is an easy exercise to practice, and almost anyone can do it directly.

Here is a list of mudras that helps you in your weight loss program. Mudras will work along with all the other major weight loss programs, and it has no side effects.

 Mudras for weight loss

  1. Vaayan mudrā
  2. Surya mudrā
  3. Kapha-nashak mudrā
  4. Linga mudrā

These mudras are the top most mudras that will help you to lose weight in a  very short period.

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There are three different combinations of mudras that are useful to solve different fat problems like, Fatness, Obesity, and Overweight.

Mudra For Fatness

These mudras are useful to overcome fatness.

Mudra For  Obesity

These mudras are helpful to overcome obesity and its complications.

Mudra For Weightloss

These mudras are useful to lose weight.

Surya Mudra is helpful to reduce weight

 Surya mudrā increases the Agni(fire) element within the body. It can, therefore, be called Agni-vardhak mudrā, too. At the same time, this mudrā decreases the Prithivi(earth) element within the body. Earth element is the major component in the fat. According to Ayurveda treatment for obesity, the primary reason behind overweight, obesity, and fatness are indigestion. Increases of fire element help to enhance digestive power and also prevent the creation of “ama” which leads to obesity.

How to do Surya mudra:

This mudrā is formed by first placing the tip of the ring finger on the base of the thumb and then bringing the gentle pressure of the thumb upon ring finger.
The effects of Surya mudra
 When you put your ring finger at the bottom of thumb finger the element in the ring finger is suppressed. The earth element thus contained, fire can rage unopposed. The increase of fire and decrease of the earth will give you double benefits. The practice of Surya mudra increases fire element that prevents the formation of “ama” and also reduces the element earth the main component in fat.
Important Note
 If you have no time to do all the mudras, then  Surya mudrā is the best choice for you in your weight loss program. As we discuss above practice of Surya mudra will give you double benefit in your weight loss program.

Effect of Surya mudra practice on Pitta humor

Surya Mudra increases the (fire) element within the body but subdues the Prithivi(earth) element.

Agni is also a component of bodily humor Pitta. The practice of  Surya mudrā increases the

Mudras for weight loss
Mudras for weight loss

Pitta humor within the body.  However, it should be used only in moderation by people having an excess of Pitta.

Surya mudrā decreases the element Prithivi(earth) within the body. It is, therefore, excellent for people having an excess of element Prithvi on their bodies. Excess of earth leads to extra fat and weight.

Linga mudrā is useful to lose weight.

Linga is the Sanskrit term for phallus(the male genital organ). This mudrā increases bodily heat since it reinforces the fire element and the Pitta humor.

Mudras for weight loss
Mudras for weight loss


How to do Linga mudra:

Linga mudrā is formed by interlocking the palms but keeping the left thumb erect, pointing upwards.

Effects  of Linga Mudra Practice
 The thumb represents the element fire. This fire is reinforced by performing the linga mudrā. The fire element that resides in the thumb is activated and can increase uninhibited. The practice of linga mudra increases fire element this will enhance your digestive power. Good digestive power prevents the formation of toxins “Ama” and also burns fat in your body. Indigestion is one of the primary reason for overweight.To know other benefits of Linga mudra go ahead and check it out.

Pitta-Kaarak mudrā for weight loss

Pitta kaarak mudrā is useful to lose weight instantly. Pitta is a combination of “fire” and “jal”  . Pitta-Kaarak mudra also works as Kapha naashak mudra. This mudra also gives you double benefits. It increases fire to burn fat and also reduces the earth to reduce fat.
Mudras for weight loss
Mudras for weight loss

The Pitta-kaarak mudrā brings about an increase in the Pitta humor within the body. At the same time, it affects a reduction in the Kapha humor within the body. It can, therefore, also be called Kapha-naashak mudrā. The practice of this mudra is very much useful to prevent obesity.




How to do Kapha-naashak mudra:

This mudrā is formed by first placing the ring and the little fingers on the base of the thumb and bringing the gentle pressure of the thumb upon these fingers.

Effects of Pitta Kaarak mudra

This mudrā increases the Pitta humor and decreases the Kapha humor within the body. Pitta is concerned with the bodily heat(digestion /metabolism) and the circulatory system. These entities are stimulated and reinforced by this mudrā. This is an excellent mudrā for people having a Kapha-excess or a pitta-deficiency in their bodies.

They can regularly do this mudrā even to prevent illness. However, individuals who have and excess of pitta(heat) in their bodies should practice it in moderation, if at all.

If you have a problem of obesity, then practice this mudra regularly.


 Vaayan or Vata-kaarak mudra:
mudra for obesity
Mudras for weight loss
Vaayan mudrā can be formed by Placing the tip of the middle finger and index finger at the bottom of thumb finger and applying a little pressure.

 All this mudra are proven to be very effective in a weight loss program. You may practice all these mudras to lose weight in a short period, or you may choose any one of these mudras according to your body type.

Please share your experience in the comment section.

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