Mudra meaning

Mudras are gestures made with hand and fingers. Mud means joy and ra mean produce, which brings the meaning of mudra to the hand gestures which bring joy and happiness.


Where mudras have been using

Indian traditional dances and rituals, Buddhist religious practices often depict mudras and their importance. They are widely seen in Meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices. Mudras are a form of Natural therapy. In mudra therapy, different hand gestures are used to energize, remove toxins and blockage from the body. They work along with the essential elements in our body discussed below.

The Principles of Hand Mudra

Our body is composed of five different elements. The core elements in our body are air, earth, fire, water and space. According to the proportions, the elements used to make the body gives a prakrati or constitution to the person. A balanced combination of these has a vital role in being healthy. They are responsible for physical and mental health conditions and energy level.


How Hand Mudra Works


Each finger of our hand represents specific elements.

Thumb finger – Fire element.

Index finger – Air.

Middle finger – Space.

Ring finger – Earth.

Little finger – Water.

Ayurveda has given us a proper understanding of the body types based on the combination of the core elements. The amount of the essential elements vary, and they build up the physical and mental body in accordance. They are of three types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Vata – Air and space.

Pitta -Fire and water.

Kapha – Earth and water.

When these elements are in higher or lower amounts than the required, our body is imbalanced. Mudras also play a significant role in maintaining and balancing these elements.


Vata Constitution


Vata is usually the ones that are easy come and easy go type of people. The physical development of Vata people are weak and flat, and they are either too tall or too short. Muscle tendons, bones and joint ends are clearly visible due to improper muscle development. Skin is rough and cold with brown complexion with sparse and curly hair. Looks are drawn with dark, dry, small, sunken eyes and dry, muddy conjunctiva. Hair curly and scanty, Bent and turned up nose. They are also vulnerable to their emotions. They lack confidence, tolerance, willpower which often results in fear, nervousness, and anxiety; They also suffer from irregular sleep. Hands and legs are often cold. Vata people are creative and are active and alert in their work. But are often restless and weak in maintaining the wealth. They are usually fast with their words and walks but are also fatigued. Interactional patterns with external environment are exhibited.


Pitta Constitution


Pitta’s body types are standard with normal height, slender physique, and moderate muscles. Skin is soft, warm and fair with coppery, yellowish or reddish complexion. The freckles or moles are bluish and brownish red. Hair is red or brown, thin and silky but tends to lose or premature graying. Eyes are medium, sharp in gray, green or copper-brown color with moist conjunctiva copper color. Pitta people possess excellent digestion, appetite and take large quantities of food and liquids. They crave for sweet, bitter, astringent foods and cold drinks. Feces are ample and yellowish soft liquids with high volumes of urine. Body temperatures are slightly high with warm hands and feet. Toleration towards heat, sunlight and hard work are small. They sleep uninterrupted for moderate durations. Sharp nose with a reddish tip. Emotionally Pitta tends towards hatred, anger, and jealousy. Their power in comprehensions, intelligence and sharpness give them leadership qualities. Pitta people are right with their financial status and are pride in showing their wealth and achievements.


Kapha Constitution


Kapha possesses the strongest with massive physique. The thick skin covers the veins and tendons on healthy muscles. The skin is soft and lustrous, oily with fair and bright complexion. Thick, dark, soft and wavy is the quality of the hair. Eyes are dense with large and attractive whites. The color of the eyes is blue or black. Digestion and appetite are regular with slow digestive functions. Food intake is generally in smaller quantities. Kapha carves for pungent, bitter and astringent foods. Excretions are slow, soft and pale in color. Kapha people exhibit patience, love, forgiveness, calm and tolerant. They are slow learners with a firm hold on the things that are learned. They also show attachment, envy, greed, and possessiveness. They are often wealthy and hang on to it.


Above mentioned are the qualities a person exhibits according to the combination of elements.Each has a mix of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha aspects. They may be Vata-Pitta, Vata-Kapha or Pitta-Kapha. In some cases, all the three types are imbalanced and is called Tridosha meaning three faults.

There are many diseases which result from the imbalance of the Constitution. You may check the type of body with the traits as mentioned above or consult local specialists.

Practicing mudras by the body types enhances the health of a person. It is a must that you may check with experts in case of any doubt in understanding the body type.

Earth or Prithvi Mudra

Touch tip of the index finger and the thumb finger.

Water or Varuna Mudra

Touch tip of the little finger and the tip of the thumb.

Fire or Sun or Surya Mudra

Gently press the ring finger with thumb finger. Tip of the ring finger is touching the base of the thumb finger.

 Air or Vayu Mudra

Gently press the index finger with thumb finger. Tip of the index finger is touching the base of the thumb finger.

Space or Shunya Mudra

Gently press the middle finger with thumb finger. Tip of the middle finger is touching the base of the thumb finger.

While practicing, these mudras keep all the remaining fingers straight. Use both the hands for mudras. You may have noticed that the thumb finger is standard in all the mudras. It is because the thumb mudra is signifying fire, balances, and maintains all the other elements.

Mudras in Chinese Buddhism

Chinese Buddhist have mastered mudras and use widely in varied forms. These help in maintaining and enhancing our regular lives. These also can be practiced at home.

Wisdom Mudra

Make a fist with the right hand and extend the index finger. Grasp the index finger of the right hand with the left hand. This mudra is for wisdom and knowledge.

Demon-Quelling Mudra

Fold middle and ring finger into palm and hold gently with the thumb. Removes negative thoughts and illness from body and mind.

Calming Mudra

Holding the hand up open in gentle and relaxed manner. This calms our minds and also known to ease the surroundings.

There are various hand gestures or mudras that could heal and prevent many diseases. Also, in the end, I have shared a list of mudras and its links.

These not only help fight diseases but also augments our daily lives by maintaining the energy levels in our body.

You may have questions like why should I go for Mudra therapy? Why is it better than the other treatments? We have the answers.

Below are the few reasons why you cannot say no to Mudra therapy. •

Mudras are free. There is no usage of gadgets or equipment required.

Practicing mudras during meditation elevate the energy levels and deepens the meditation. •

They are easy to practice and do not need much of physical efforts. •

Mudra therapy is easy to learn. You could perform mudra therapy on your own without any guidance.

It works for all age groups and body types.

It can be combined with any other treatments. •

Mudra therapy has no need of intake of any chemicals or medicines.

No side effects. Yes, what would be the better option? Treatment without any side effects would keep our minds peaceful all along without worry of the outcome.

Mudras can be practiced at any time. Either while relaxing or watching TV.


After reading the above article, you all understand that mudra are something we should practice every day. The reason may be the simple techniques or the ease of practice. I must tell you that, mudras are in use for centuries. All the enlightened people and the gurus have taught and are teaching the importance of mudras. It is because of the way they balance the core elements in the body. Just like meditation, and yoga took over the world by its beauty and benefits. Soon, mudras will be the next happening thing along with meditation and yoga.

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