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What is Diabetes?
What is insulin?
The Role of Insulin in our body
Diabetes: A complex Condition  Incidence of diabetes
2. Types of Diabetes
3. Symptoms of diabetes
4. Diagnosing Diabetes
Urine tests
Blood Tests
Glycated Hemoglobin Test
5. Causes of Diabetes
Is diabetes Inherited?
Diet: A self-inflicted Cause
The Obesity Trigger
Virus infections
The lifestyle risk
Smoking an important risk factor
Age Increases Risk
Stress, tension and Diabetes
Organic Disorders and Diabetes
Short-term complications &
Their natural treatment
Hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar
Ketoacidosis and Diabetic Coma
Skin infections
Urinary Tract Infections
7. Long-Term Complications &
Their Natural Treatment
Heart Disease and Stroke
Eye Damage or Diabetic Retinopathy
Diabetic Foot
Kidney disease
Respiratory system Complications
Diabetes and pregnancy
8.Diabetes in Children
Treating Diabetic Children
How Much should A Child Eat?
Exercise Helps
9 Food and Diabetes: You are what you Eat
The Diabetes Food Pyramid
Calories, Diet and Diabetes
10. Fighting Diabetes
Glycemic Index of Selected Foods
Proportion of Main nutrients
Foods Exchange List
Vegetable: The More The Better
Are Fruits Safe?
Eat More Dietary Fibre
Foods High in Antioxidants
Importance of Alkaline Foods
Foods Rich in Potassium
Benefits of Raw Foods
Healthy Way to Cook Vegetables
11. Foods That Control Diabetes
12 Foods to be avoided
13 Vitamins and Minerals that Lower Blood Sugar
14 Herbal Remedies for Diabetes
15 Weight Control to prevent and treat Diabetes
Why is weight control important in Diabetes
Healthy weight: How it checks Diabetes
Your ideal height/weight ratio
Your body mass index
Eating sensibly for healthy weight loss
Weight Loss Home Remedies
Mudras for Weight Loss
16 Importance of Exercise in Controlling Diabetes
How regular exercise controls blood sugar
Exercise, Hypertension and diabetes
Exercise, Cholesterol and Diabetes
Selecting your exercise
Why walking wins
Frequency of exercise
How much Exercise
Listen to your body: When not to exercise
Benefits of Yoga
Other Natural Methods of Treatments
Mud therapy
Mudra Therapy
Sample Menu
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