yoga for cancer

This is a guest post by Dr.A U Rahman JNI

Dr. A U Rahman, JNI
Extensive scientific research has proved that cancer cannot only be treated but can also be cured if diagnosed at an early stage. 
A healthy lifestyle and eating habits can go a long way in preventing all types of cancers.  Due importance should be given to cancer awareness and early detection programs.  Cancer risk factors should not be ignored or taken lightly.  Screening and necessary clinical check-up must be done periodically and if necessary promptly. In India, every year more than 25 lakh patients suffer from various types of cancer.  Cancer has slowly taken the form of an epidemic.  As there is a rapid spread of the factors that cause cancer through food, water, air including the environment, it is presumed that every third person may suffer from this dreadful disease.
Cancer is a serious condition but is not always fatal.  Every cancer has a genetic route, but these genetic changes are influenced by the external and internal environment and behavior of the body.  Cancer cells are always being created in the body.   It is an ongoing process.  Poor and insufficient cellular oxygenation system damages the cellular respiration enzymes.
Normally, the cells that make up all the parts of our bodies go through a predictable life cycle – old cells die and new cells arise to take their place.  Occasionally this process goes away and cells begin to multiply out of control.  The end result is a mass of cells, called a tumor.  A benign tumor is one that does not spread, or metastasis to other parts of the body.  It is considered noncancerous.  A malignant tumor, on the other hand, can spread throughout the body and is considered cancerous.  When malignant cells break away from the primary tumor and settle into another part of the body, the resulting new tumor is called either a metastasis or a secondary tumor.
The poor immune system leads to cancer whereas a strong and protective immune system can prevent cancers.  Many cancers can be prevented by adopting discipline and Indian system of life because positive health practices change the internal environment and create health.
About 50% of cancer are tobacco related; for example oral cancer (cancer of mouth),  cancer of voice box,  lung cancer,  cancer of food pipe etc.  They can be prevented to a large extent by avoiding intake of tobacco.  In India about 70% cancers present in an advanced stage and hence are difficult to treat.
Research data collected from various countries with the involvement of the World Bank shows that more than 40% of all cancer deaths are due to individual lifestyle habits and activities such as diet low in fruits and vegetables, rich intake of fat, junk food, regular intake of aerated soft drinks, tobacco, smoking, drug abuse, alcohol, lack of physical activities, urban and indoor air pollution etc.
The philosophy of Naturopathy believes that disease is caused due to the accumulation of toxins, oxidants/morbid matter in the body and if chance is given for its removal, it provides a part of cure and relief.  Holistic healing therapy ensures active elimination process through eliminative channels.
Diet and yogic management and essential nature cure treatment to the cancer patient to be given after thorough case study and as per the severity of disease, vitality and actual requirement of the fight against cancerous growth. A diet based on high fiber,  phytochemical,  lycopene, cruciferous,  alpha and beta carotene, anthocyanins, citrus fruits,  vitamin A, B  & E are advised.  Also, patients are advised to just have a brisk walk for 30 minutes and drink adequate water and liquid which helps to dilute the carcinogens and helps elimination.  Seasonal and dark green leafy vegetables, tulsi, turmeric, soya, lemon, orange, amla, garlic are a huge source of dietary fiber.  Vitamin C, K folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, revitalizing tannins, antimicrobial Omega-3 Fatty acids and potassium guards our heart and memory.  Nuts are an excellent source of protein, magnesium, Vitamin B & E and whole grain which have more than 96% fiber magnesium, zinc, and vitamins.  All these help to build immunity and they fight the war against cancer and protect the entire system.


Simple Nature cure treatments and yogic practices including Pranayama and relaxation techniques can be easily learned.  The purpose of holistic healing therapy is to establish harmony among various organs and systems in the body which has to carry out their functions with complete coordination. It boosts up the spirit and immunity of the patients and effectively deals with stress. It leads to increased activity in the area of the brain which is linked to a good mood.  Biological changes in the brain and body can be measured.  We have noticed that this complementary alternative therapy builds up willpower and helps in maintaining physical and mental balance.  Negative thoughts disappear, slowly positive attitude and approach towards life start emerging.  A fruitful result always depends upon the determination and efforts taken by the individual.

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