Natural Treatment Chart And Prevention Plan For Heart Ailments


Treatment Chart & Prevention Plan For Heart Ailments

Fasting Therapy for Heart Ailments: Begin with exclusive fresh fruits diet for about a week. In this regime , he/she should take 3 meals a day of fresh juicy  fruits such as apple ,orange, mango , guava , pineapple , grape ,water melon are the best fruits at 5 hourly intervals.  Banana and jack fruit should be avoided. There after he/she may adopt fruit and milk diet, for about 15 days. It is important to note that milk should be boiled only once. After fruit and milk diet, patient should gradually adopt a well balanced diet.
Diet Cure Chart for Heart Ailments:
A.    Upon Arising: Luke warm water with lemon juice and honey.
B.     Breakfast:Fresh fruit such as apples ,grapes ,pineapples, orange , melon or its juice, 1 cup skimmed milk ,sweeten with honey , 3 -4 dates, few raisins and 2 or 3 banana.
C.     Mid Morning:Fresh fruit juice or coconut water.

D.    Lunch:Salad of veg. ( Lettuce ,cabbage, carrot, cucumber, beet , tomatoes , onion ,garlic ) 2 wheat chapatti and curd or butter milk.

E.     Mid After Noon:Apple or 1 glass of orange juice.
F.      Dinner :Fresh veg. ,juice or soup , two steamed or lighty cooked veg. , 1 or 3 wheat chapatti , glass of butter milk.
Avoid: Tea, coffee, flesh food, chicken, egg ,sugar , sale ,fried and refined food, alcohol ,and tobacco , soft drink ,coco and fatty foods.
Beneficial Foods: Capsicum, clove ,onion , garlic, olive o
il, grape ,apple, citrus fruits, coriander , turmerid ,dates, ground nut, benjal grape , black gram, peas , amla, orange ,alfalfa, honey, arjuna ,tulsi, pomegranate.
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