One And Only Simple Way To Succeed In Professional Life


I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Bruce Lee

Simple step to success in professional life

When I first time read the quote, I didn’t understand the truth behind it. But in the recent incidents happened in my life opened my eyes and spread the lights towards the truth behind the quote.  Actually, from the last few years, I was facing a lot of failures in my professional life. I have been thinking, ‘Why I am not able to get the expected results in professional life?’ I was doing so many things “kicks” in all these years. Recently, I understand that I was wrong and I have to change. Now I am doing only one thing “kick” every day and mastering it.


After reading the above, you may think that you are doing only one thing and still not able to get the success. Read the above quote one more time. Bruce Lee said in that quote one kick, not the entire Kung-fu. Actually, what I intend to say is do only one function or one area. You may say that I am doing only one business and not wasting my time. When you look into the functions of the business. It is a group of functions like; Production, Management, Marketing, Research & Development.


As a human being, we can’t expertise all these features. You have to choose one and hire the efficient peoples for all the other functions. If you do like this, I am sure you will soon get the success.

Please watch the video if you are confused in what to do?

When you look into another example; of a professional student. One of my friend He completed M tech still not able to get a good Job. Some one suggested him learn Java; he learned that for six months still not able to find a job. One of his friends told that learn Database you can easily get a job. He learned it for three months. In a period of two years, he learned so many different techs but not able to get a Job.


He is learning only Technical things, but all that is different. When he focused only in one area, he got a job in it; now he is in a good position.

I will give you one more reason why people fail in professional life. Few people get success in the beginning and not able to sustain it.


The primary reason for it is they get a lot of excess money. They think about the opportunities to invest that money and make more profit. In the mean, while they lose their focus on the primary job and lose the expertise. If you are earning more money, then hire a financial manager to make the investment properly.

We can take another example of a professional sports man. When they get an initial success, they get massive fame and become a celebrity overnight. When this happens to younger people, who don’t have a mentor. They lose their focus from the sports and lose expertise. It is better that you always choose one mentor to correct and guide you.


What ever you do it, Keep your focus on it. Don’t distract from it. Become an expert in it. Do more research on it. Invent new things to simplify it. Make it your life it will make you remembered for ever.

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Thanks for reading my blog. Keep going!

Keep going!