Upavista Konasana, Benefits, How to do Steps, Precautions

upvista konasasana
upvista konasasana

Upavista Konasana is a popular yoga pose that gives enormous benefits for the woman.This yoga poses is beneficial for everyone, but particularly woman’s has more advantage in practicing this simple yoga pose.A woman’s body and their health conditions are entirely different from man.They have to take special care to lead a healthy life.Particularly they have to face too many transformations in their life like pregnancy, menopause, etc.Upavista Konasana or wide-angle seated forward bend is a useful yoga pose to overcome these conditions easily.

upvista konasasana
upvista konasasana

How to do Upavista Konasana:

First of all, sit in dandasana keep the back erect you can take a support of a wall. Sit on your buttock bones place your palms beside your hips pointing towards forward.

Press your palms on the ground to push your torso upward exhale and now spread your legs as far as possible. You may use your hands to push your legs.

Move your hands behind your buttocks, and place both palms on the floor. Lift your waist and the sides of your torso. Rotate your thighs to the front so that the kneecaps face the ceiling. Sit on your buttocks bones, keeping your pelvic bones parallel to them. Stretch each leg from thigh to heel. Hold the pose for 1 minute and gradually increase up to 3 minutes.

After you got expertise in this pose, you may bend forward.

Benefits of Upavista Konasana:

Seated wide-angle pose relaxes stress related tension in the abdominal muscles.

Helps to relieve sciatica and arthritis pains.

This yoga pose prevents and relieves a hernia.

Massages the organs of the reproductive system.

Woman’s health disorders like, Stimulates the ovaries, regulates menstrual flow, and relieves menstrual pain and menstrual disorders,

Also, corrects the prolapsed uterus and bladder.


If you have asthma, then you must take an experts advice before practicing this yoga pose.