All time top five home remedies to keep yourself fit

Fitness is the trending subject of the modern world.Being fit will give good health, youthful and social acceptance.Everyone wants to be fit and spending tons of money and time on different fitness programs. Are you one of them? Then You are at right place for being fit without spending a penny. Today I give you simple but very effective five home remedies to keep yourself fit and healthy.
There are two kinds of fitness one is organic fitness other is dynamic fitness.
1. The organic fitness means a body free of disease and infirmity.
2. The dynamic fitness means endurance, flexibility, the strength of the body and mind.
Here we are going to discuss five home remedies to keep yourself fit dynamically.


Exercise is the essential and primary choice for being fit. Exercise helps you keep away from stress and tensions. There are many kinds of activities; you can choose from the below list.
1. Walking
2. Running
3. Aerobics
The list is huge you can choose any of these or one of your choice. Walking and swimming are the best exercises that anyone can do it.

Here are the list of some significant benefits you get while doing regular exercise

1. Increased efficiency of heart and lungs.
2. Reduced cholesterol level.
3.Increased muscle strength.
4.Reduced blood pressure.
5. Weight loss
6. Improved sense of well-being.
7.Improved appearance of toned muscles and good posture.
8.Enhanced social life of opportunities to make new friends.
9.Increased stamina and improved immunity.

B.Ideal Diet
The balanced diet is the second in the list of all-time top five home remedies to keep yourself fit. A proper diet plays a significant role in keeping you fit
Food is the only fuel that makes us function, give us energy, builds the body and repairs it. You have to remember that excess of anything is a poison.
A well-balanced diet is one that provided all the essential elements while cutting out the unnecessary. Here are the list of items that are vital in a balanced diet
1. Carbohydrates: It furnishes heat and energy.
2.Proteins: They are the essential’building blocks’ of the living cells and comprise about 12 percent of your body weight.
3. Fats and oil: Fats are heat and energy producers in concentrated form.
4.Vitamins: They are a group of body regulators, the chemical nature of that is now fairly well established.
5. Minerals: They are that substance in our food, which furnish building materials for bones and teeth, supply valuable constituents to body fluids and regulate certain body process.
6.Water: It is the major part of our body 70%. Without water, the body can’t function normally.
7.Fiber: It is a component of food that is more or less indigestible, and for good health, you need fiber in your diet.

Some diet principles to keep you fit

1. Eat less fat: Keep your fat intake less than 30% of your total calories.

2. Eat less saturated fat: Saturated fat clogs the arteries by increasing your cholesterol levels even more than cholesterol does. Only have 10% saturated fat in your diet.
3. Combine carbohydrates and protein in your meals and snacks: These macronutrients work great together. Carbohydrates will give you an immediate energy boost, but the effect wears off quickly. But protein-rich foods can keep you alert and give a feeling of full for much longer.
4.Drink water: Drink enough quantity of water. It is an essential nutrient for your body. It cushions your organs, lubricates your joints, and keeps your skin good looking and transport oxygen to your tissues.

5.Build up your bones: Include enough calcium and iron in your diet. Experts recommend at leat 1000 mg of calcium per day.

6.Eat early and often: It keeps from running on empty and helps you control your weight, try eating four to six meals a day.

7. Include a variety of foods in diet: Varying the foods in your diet will keep your diet nutrient-rich and your taste buds from getting bored.
8. Eat more fruits and vegetables: A diet high in fruits and vegetables can help you significantly in reducing the risk of cancers of lung, colon, pancreas, stomach, bladder and ovaries.
9. Eat more fiber: Fibre will keep you regular and help in preventing certain diseases. Adults needs 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily.

Prepare a well-balanced diet by using the above principles to keep yourself fit.

C.Manage your stress

Stress is an inevitable thing in our life, and it destroys the ability to concentrate. Managing stress plays a significant role in keeping you fit. It is the third in the list of all-time top five home remedies to keep you fit. Manage your stress by developing a right philosophy in life

1. Live in the present: The present moment is all we have. The Past is gone, and future is still not come. “Now” is only the thing that is always with you. The people who experience stress are those who live either in the past or future. If you know how to grab the present moment and maximize it, then you are stress-free, efficient and succeed in life.
2.Accept the inevitable: Most of the things in our life are beyond our control. All the things that are inevitable in life should be taken gracefully; otherwise, we shall be tormented with stress, tension, and worries.
3. You are what you are: Our relationship with others should be one of neither superiority nor inferiority. You are unique.
5.There is no success or failure in life: Success or failure is a matter of attitude in life.
6.Whatever happens is for your good. Think in a positive way that whatever happens to you in life is for your good.
7.Don’t expect justice and fairness. There us virtually no justice in this world.
8.The best is yet to be. This is one of the best principles to be adopted in the sphere of personal growth and development.
Prepare a philosophy to handle your stress efficiently.

D.Sleep and rest

A good overnight sleep is the best foundation for a good day. Without sufficient sleep and rest, we can’t lead a healthy life. Proper sleep and rest are the fourth in the list of all-time top five home remedies to keep yourself fit.

Here are a list tips that are useful to get a sound sleep

1. Eat two hours before going to bed.
2. Eat relatively light food in the night.
3.Paint a soft color in your bedroom.
4.keep your room ventilated.
5.Keep your room clean and free space.
6.Use a dim light in your room.
7. Wright down all the important things that happened on that day in your diary.
8. Forgive and forget all the mistakes of others.
9.Expect a better tomorrow.
10.Avoid irregularity in sleeping times.

E.Mudra and Meditation

Meditation gives good fitness to your mind. Mudra is useful to manage the healthy condition of both mind and body. Mudra and Meditation can practice simultaneously. The fifth position in the list of all-time top five home remedies to keep yourself fit are mudra and meditation.


Our mind is eternally restless, compulsively flitting from object to object, person to person, and place to place, most of them related to our personal life and problems. Meditation is the only solution to keep your mind concentrated and fit. There are various types of meditations, but we discuss only one type here.
Simple meditation
Sit in any comfortable posture for about 20 to 30 minutes. Get a feel that you are meditating. The primary purpose is to acquaint you with self-discipline to sit quietly for some time. This is a preliminary step for the practice of other types of meditation.


Mudras are simple postures of fingers. It is also called as finger yoga. You can do mudras while practicing meditation or watch

Five home remedies to keep yourself fit
Five home remedies to keep yourself fit

television and also while traveling. There are so many varieties in mudras, but here we discuss that are useful to maintain body and mind fit.

Gyan mudra
Just join the tips of your index and thumb finger to form Gyan mudra. The practice of Gyan mudra is helpful to enhance your brainpower.
Surya mudra
Just place the tips of ring finger at the bottom of your thumb finger and apply a little pressure to form Surya mudra. The practice of Surya mudra is useful to maintain an ideal weight, fight indigestion and gives good bowel movements.

Pran Mudra
Just join your thumb fingers tips with the tips of both ring finger and little finger to form prana mudra. The practice of prana mudra is helpful to enhance immunity and strengthen your body.
Aakash mudra
Just join the tips of your middle finger with the tips of thumb finger to from Aakash mudra.The practice of Aakash mudra is useful to eliminate negative thoughts and give peacefulness to your mind.

These are the most efficient and simple five home remedies to keep yourself fit. Try few of these in your fitness program and share it in the comment section.