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Uddiyan Bandha


This Sanskrit word Uddiyan means flying up as in this exercise prana flies up through the Sushumna – the channel in the spinal column, the passage through which Kundalini Shakti flows.

How to do: Stand with legs at a distance from each other. Bend forward a little and exhale air from the mouth. Draw the navel towards the back. The abdomen is drawn into the thoracic cavity.
Gains: Muscles of stomach, abdomen, and hips get stronger by this exercise, there by removing stomach troubles like gastro intestine. Excess fat also goes from the body. The exercise helps in preserving sex-energy for its sublimation into spiritual energy. Control of Samana Vayu gives a lustre to the body.
This exercise can be practised while sitting.

The Abdominal Lift(Uddiyana Bandha)

This is considered one of the very essential yoga exercise and is practiced not only for its physical values but also for the way it influences our psychic development.

Health benefits of uddayiana bandha (abdominal uplift)

This asana massages the heart, making it a stronger, more effective pump.Your circulation will improve, and you will have less chance of having a heart attack.

It relieves constipation, gas, indigestion and liver troubles.

It tones up the nerves in the solar plexus region.

It reduces abdominal fat and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

It helps the correct functioning of the adrenal glands and sex glands.

It develops spiritual force.

Mula Bandha


Mula Bandha involves contraction of the anus. It enables one to conserve vital or sex energy and to convert it into spiritual energy.
How to do: Sit in Sidhi asana. In it, the heel is placed firmly against Kanda or Yoni, the space between the anus and the organ of generation. Space is the centre of vital force.

Two fingers above the anus are located Muladhara Chakra. This centre is dominated by the energy force Apana, which carries out the functions of exertion. Prana, on the other hand, carries out respiratory functions. Prana draws energy and conserves it. Apan draws the energy out to exp0el the waste material from the body. Any disharmony in their functions results in early old age and death.
It should be noted that mind and prana are inter-lined. If the mind is engaged in hatred, passion or greed, the Apana becomes active, and the sense does not perform normally, and energy goes waste.
This exercise can be practiced even while sitting, standing, walking, lying or working. But it should not be performed if one suffers from constipation.

Beware of Split Mind


Schizophrenia, a term meaning “split mind,” also known as dementia praecox, is a very severe form of mental illness. Most often it strikes in the earlier years of life. The actual cause of this is not known.

Schizophrenic patients are always a little odd in their reactions. Where the reasonable person may feel like weeping, the schizophrenic either giggles or shows no outward expression. On the other hand, he may cry when others laugh. He fluctuates from one extreme to another. One moment he may be full of affecton, the next he is all anger and resentment. His behaviour is completely unpredictable. He may babble on about nothing, then suddenly withdraw from the world and speak to no one for weeks at a time.Such are peculiarities of this disease.

There are four main types of Schizophrenia. They are not sharply divided but tend to blend into one another. Simple schizophrenia usually but tend into one another. Simple schizophrenia usually begins during late adolescence. These patients appear careless and apathetic and may lapse into juvenile deliquency or prostitution. Most “beatniks” probably belong to this group. The patient has an odd appearance, and his actions are peculiar. He has a silly smile on his face, lives in a world to himself, and tends to withdraw from normal associations with others.

The hebephrenic patient is even odder. His illness begins at an early age and is characterized by fits of silly laughing. He often assumes a peculiar facial expression and insists on wearing the strangest combinations of colours. All his ideas are weird and absurd, and he soon loses touch with the real world around him. Such patients should be treated in a proper psychiatric institution.

Catatonic schizophrenia is another form of this disease. It comes on later in life, usually in the middle thirties, and may follow some intense emotional experience or disappointemnt. The patient assumes a negative attitude and may refuse to carry out the normal activities of life, such as bathing, eating and talking. He suffers from delusions and hallucinations, hears “voices,” and sees people who are not present. At times he will offer no resistance, but if placed in a particular position will remain there for long periods of tiem. Strange as it may seem, under proper treatment the outlook for this condition is often better than for the other types of schizophrenia.

Paranoid schizophrenia is the most dangerous form of this disease. Here the patient has a well functioning intellect. He sees and hears all that is going on around him, but unfortunately, he has a persecution complex and suffers from delusions and strong feelings of jealousy. He is very suspicious of others around him. Much of the time he may appear quite normal. But at any moment his smouldering resentments may come to the surface, and he will not hesitate to injure anyone if he thinks that person ” has it in for him.” He may even commot murder.

All too often relatives and friends of the paranoid-schizophrenic patient fail to recognize the danger until it is too late. Because they are anxious to give him the benifit of the doubt, the refuse to see the peculiarities in his mental make -up. He is very tricky and watches every move. He has a remarkable memory for names, datesm and events. He makes use of all these in an attempt to “get even” with the world, and especially with anyone whom he believes to be his enemy.

There medicines that doctors prescribe to relieve from this types of diseases. Even the drugs can not cure the disease. So yoga, meditation and mudras for this kind of personalities will help a lot if we find the symptoms earlier otherwise it is the too dangerous situation.

Exercises for mind.


The first consideration is to give the mind its necessary exercises. We all know that by lack of exercise our muscles and nerves degenerate and deteriorate; whereas, by regular exercise they can be developed to an almost infinite degree and amount of strength and efficiency. It has been demonstrated by many athletes and men of unusual physical strength, that by proper exercise the power of the muscles and other physical faculties can be developed to any degree of proficiency. The story is told about a farmer who used to carry a little pet calf across a narrow stream. This he did every day until the calf gradually grew up,but the farmer continued to carry it without being conscious of its physical development.. His attention being drawn towards this fact, he realized that it was a bull which he was carrying so easily. Although this might be only a story, it undoubtedly illustrates how by gradual exercise, one can develop the power of one’s muscles to an unbelievable degree of proficiency
It is not hard to demonstrate the fact, that by means of exercise we can develop the strength of our physical body to an inconceivable extent. The same is true regarding the development of our mental faculties. But through lack of exercise our spiritual and mental powers have pitifully degenerated. Consequently we have lost control over our mind; we have lost our memory; we have lost the power of discrimination, foresight and many other subtle manifestations of mental power. Since these faculties have been exercised and cultured by many to an amazing degree of proficiency, it proves that anyone can do so by regular scientific exercise.
There are people who have cultured their power of concentration to such an extent that they can read any book, page by page, at a single glance. The psychology behind this is not very difficult to understand. We know that when a child learns to read he does so, letter by letter. He must spell each word before he comprehends its meaning. As he grows up, he can read word by word; when he advances further he can even read a whole sentence at a glance. Developing the same faculty still more, a whole thought or a paragraph can be read at a glance. By developing the focus of the mind a whole page can read just as easily as a sentence or 0paragraph
Very often certain problems present themselves to us in our lives. Because we do not know how to bring the mind, to a state of peace, pose and tranquillity, we do not arrive at any definite and constructive decision. But a concentrated mind can probe with ease into any deep problem, finding the most wonderful solution which would be impossible for a disturbed mind even to apprehend.
Many other illustrations could be given in order to show the benefits which a fully developed and concentrated mind can bring even to ordinary daily life. The culture and attainment of a very healthy condition of the mind is absolutely necessary for every person, no matter what he or she wants to achieve in life.
A mind uncultured and uneducated in meditation and concentration fails to understand clearly the benefits or disadvantages of certain surroundings; whereas a meditative mind can at once accommodate and make the best use of any environment in which it is placed. If a need for change should arise, such a mind knows unmistakably the practical, mental and spiritual processes necessary for making it.

Yoni mudra or shanmukhi mudra


How to do: Adopt Sidhasana pose with both ears closed with the thumbs, both eyes with the index fingers, both nostrils with the middle fingers, and the mouth with the ring and small fingers.Inhale and retain the breath.Repeat Om and concentrate on Ajna chakra(between the eyebrows).Perform Mula Bandha and feel that kundalini shakti is ascending the Sushumna and feel that kundalini shakti is ascending the Sushumna, piercing the six chakras.Exhale and release the fingers.

This enables the yoga to enter deep into the heart, for the practice of profound meditation and Japa.It awakens the sleeping kundalini and confers great powers to the body and mind.It bestows mental peace and serenity.

I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more