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Maha Mudra


How to do: One has to first perform Mula bandha and press the Kanda(space between anus and the generative organ) by the right heel.Keep the left leg straight. Bend down and hold the big toe of the left foot with both hands. Bring the head down until it touches the knee. This position is also known as Janu-Shira-Asan. In Maha mudra, Janu Shira Asana is associated with the Bandhas, and pranayama. Inhale and while retaining the breath performJalandhar Bandha Bandha . Then Exhale while performing Uddiyan Bandha (taking the navel forcibly towards the back). Perform the pranayama as long as you can.
The same can be repeated by keeping the right leg straight and by pressing the Kanda with the left heel.

The gaze should stay between the eyebrows(bhru-Madhya Drishti). Meditate upon the Ajna Chakra.

duration :This mudra can be done as long as one can.
Maha mudra should be followed by Maha Bandha and Maha Vedha.

Benefits: This exercise enables the combined forces of Prana and Apana to pass through Sushumna, which awakens the Kundalini. This cures Hemorrhoids or piles, gastritis, constipation, consumption and various morbid conditions of the body thereby augmenting digestion and toning up the nervous system.
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Mudras for enlightenment

We had so far seen mudras for health and curing disease in my previous posts but there so many mudras beyond for health to enlightenment mudras. The meaning of mudras is a seal. It is called so because it seals the mind with the soul. Exercises falling under mudra are associated with retention of breath. In fact, bandhas and mudras go together. Mudras control the vital forces(pranas) and thereby the mind to awaken the hidden mystic powers.

Once the potentialities of the spirit are unfolded before the performer, he can conquer all diseases and move towards God-realization.
Mudras helps the strive to awaken Kundalini to check the distractions of the mind and to sublimate vital energy into Ojas Shakti or spiritual energy. With the support of this Shakti, he can explore the mysteries.
Once the yogi attains spiritual energy, his personality blooms; he can attract men, his will power becomes high and his mind balanced.
But to draw maximum benefits of Bandhas and Mudras one must purify heart by selfless service of humanity and by developing virtues such as non-violence, truthfulness, purity. etc. Mere performance on any yoga exercises will not lead to the attainment of powers.There are so many mudras that are in vogue and practiced, we had seen so far around 26 mudras for health and personality.
I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more

Maha Bandha


This Maha Bandha exercise helps the yogi to awaken his Kundalini power.
How to do : With left heel pressed firmly against the space between the anus and the generative organ sit on the floor and perform Jalandhara Bandha.
Hold breath and also perform Uddiyana Bandha. Focus all attention on the passage of Sushumna and visualize that Kundalini is moving up.

Bandha Traya


By doing Traya bandha exercise one gets the advantages of all the bandhas.

How to do : One has to sit either in Padmasana or Siddhasana pose. He should exhale through the mouth thus emptying the lungs. Then navel is drawn inwards until abdomen joins the spine. Along with this, he has to do Mula Bandha and Jalandhara Bandha as well. Hands should be placed on knees. Now inhale air and release all the locks.

Jalandhar Bandha


By Jalandhar Bandha exercise a yogi conserves the nectar which, the mystics say, flows from Sahasrara- crown of the head and consumed by Manipura Chakra fire. The conservation leads to long life, sound health and mystic powers. This exercise also opens the mouth of sushumna for awakening the kundalini shakti. Blood circulation is increased and throat troubles go.

How to do :Sit down on the floor either in Padmasan or Sukhasan pose. Hold the spine, neck and head erect in one line. Look to the front at the level of eyes. Palms should be placed on knees. Inhale slowly, hold the breath and bend the head downwards so that the chin touches the chest. Now raise both the shoulders a little upwards. Keep spine, head and neck straight. Stay in that position for 4 to 8 seconds. This exercise can be repeated four times in a day.

Disorders of the head, shoulders and cervical regions are removed. More useful for those who suffer from sinus and breathing trouble.