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Maatangi mudra,How to do,duration,precautions


Maatangi mudra is very useful to attain inner harmony.Practising this mudra helps you to achieve peace with your inner self and with the surroundings.


How to perform Maatangi mudra:

Maatangi mudra

This mudra is formed by interlocking the hands and keeping the middle fingers straight and touching each other like in the picture.

Impact of maatangi mudra:

Maatangi mudra directly affects the hypothalamus.

Benefits and healing properties of Maatangi mudra.
The hypothalamus is the primary autonomous part of the nervous system; This mudra helps to establish a state of balance in the body.

This the best mudra to relieve tension.

Maatangi mudra is very effective in relieving the pains in the organs of chest and abdomen.

20 minutes of practice is enough to get instant relief from pains and 5 minutes each in the morning and evening to get internal harmony.

This Mudra can be performed by anyone or anytime .

I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more

Vaata+ kapha nashak mudra


Vaata+Kapha)-naaashak mudra


This mudra helps to overcome any ailment of a person having a Vaata+Kapha mix constitution.

How to do Vata+Kapha Nashak Mudra

 Vata+Kapha Nashak Mudra


This mudra Is formed by applying the tips of the index and the ring fingers to the base of the thumb.

Duration: 45 minutes every day, either at one stretch or in three parts(i.e., for 15 minutes, thrice a day).
Precaution: People with a pronounced Pitta constitution should practice this mudra in moderation if at all.

I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more

Yoga for Wealth(Dhana yoga)


Yoga is useful for your growth in profession and wealth. You get confused by how can yoga helpful in wealth, but yoga will help you to get wealth. The Muladhara chakra (Basic chakra ) is the primary chakra for wealth and success If you activate muladhar and Ajna chakra which gives the power and confidence to be successful in the profession .If the Basic,ajna chakra and your back spleen are working well. You will never get into poverty, and naturally, you will get prosperous.
So How to get wealth through yoga?
Do any of the Asana to activate Muladhara chakra and Ajna.

Surya Namaskara.
Sarvanga asana.
Matsyendra Asana.
Tratak exercise.
Mula Bandha
Food for wealth

Yes, the food you eat will induce the power in you to be rich. The foods that have the qualities to the growth of wealth. These foods had the qualities of Vyasa
bitter gourd
Fried groundnut.

Acupressure points to activate Muladhara chakra.

Press the wrist of any hand with the thumb of the contrary just one each below of the palm ring do it for 3 minutes for the thrice day will have better results.
To activate Ajna chakra press, the first line of the thumb of any hand for 2 minutes will yield good results.

Mudra for wealth

Surya mudra(Prithvi’s shaamak) mudra.

Indeed these are simple things one can do to become wealthy. There is also a separate kriya yoga who want to become rich and get the from Guru directly.

Practicing Kubera mudra is very useful.

Kubera mudra and mantra for wealth

Visualisation Techaniques


Visualization is the process of creation and seeing a mental picture of what to have or do or the kind of person we want to be.

You may think you are in charge of how your thoughts and thinking patterns are generated, yet generally your conscious mind is being guided by something bigger…your subconscious mind. This is the deeper river that’s truly running the show.
It began recording all of your experiences from the moment you came into conception. It has years of informational data, thinking patterns, emotional habits, and new ideas forming a variety of beliefs, attitudes and behavior patterns which influence how you think, feel and vibrate in this world. Think of your subconscious mind like an eternal spring of water from beneath the ground always flowing. An infinite river pouring continuously into you, flooding you with information that keeps you on track, holding you firm to the energetic vibration you are sending out into the world.

“You must first be the change you want to see in the world.” ~Gandhi

You are a high vibrational being connected with a potentially unlimited source of power, intelligence and energy. The level of energy and intelligence you’re able to connect with stems directly from the programs running your subconscious. By using your imagination as a tool, you can open up and reprogram your subconscious mind to awaken to a higher source of energy and awareness. Then you can experience everything you want! By focusing your attention on positive images with joy and a child-like curiosity, you’ll effortlessly re-program over old negative tapes once holding you back from manifesting your dream life. Yes, you can take action to manifest your dream life today simply by experiencing it today! The greatest thing is that you don’t have to leave your room, you can experience it now just using your imagination. Let’s explore this a bit more experientially…

Imagine that you’re on a beautiful Hawaiian beach, your bare feet are snuggled in the warm soft sand and a gentle breeze moves by your face and feels like it’s gently caressing your entire body. You feel completely relaxed as you gaze out at the golden sunset dipping into the ocean. The fresh sea air is rich with oxygen, you take a deep breath and inhale healing feelings into your body, mind and soul. The environment around you relaxes you more buried inside…

Check inside, how do you feel? Did you notice a slight shift in your energy? Feeling lighter, more relaxed and at peace? Did you imagine yourself having this experience? Perhaps you returned to a previous memory of feeling your toes in the soft warm sand, and blended this experience with something you once heard about Hawaii or saw on TV.? Either way, your imagination created a positive chemical response that is NOW spreading throughout your brain and bloodstream. Using positive healing imagery you can make yourself physically healthier, think more positive, feel happier and increase your ability to manifest the life you desire. With practice you can reach a level where you will attract anything and everything your heart desires!

“Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now perhaps you know a few secret things about yourself that you’d like change. If you could go directly to the subconscious root of the issue, you’d be able to shift these patterns instantly. However, getting in there is half the journey. There can be layers of resistance and many distractions along the way. Through tapping into a deeper resource of energy you can open up your true spiritual connection to Source where the subconscious is accessed and you are freed! Even though the subconscious does not know the difference between imagination and reality, it does know when its time to let go of an old behavior pattern and return home, merging with Source.

“You really can change the world if you care enough.” ~Marian Wright Edelman

The conscious and subconscious mind


The conscious mind can think.It can accept or reject.But the subconscious only accepts.It makes no distinction regarding input.If we feed our mind with thoughts of fear, doubts, and hate, the auto suggestions will activate and translate those things into reality.The subconscious is like a data bank.The subconscious is like the automobile while the conscious is like the driver.Of the two, the subconscious is more powerful.The power is in the automobile, but control is with the driver.

The subconscious mind can work for us or against us.It is not rational.If we are not successful, we need to reprogram the subconscious.By now you probably know that quitting a habit or achieving
an important goal can be tough. You could
go crazy trying to succeed at just one seemingly
simple thing, only to fail again and again.You may have already given up on yourself. But don’t
quit just yet – there is a way to begin living the life you
want and more.

We are all born to lead successful lives, but our conditioning leads us to failure.We are bron to win but conditioned to lose.We often hear comments like,”This person is just lucky, he touches dirt, and it turns to gold’or, “He is unlucky ; no matter what he touches, it turns to dirt’ These comments are not true of anyone.
If you were to analyse the lives of the lucky and unlucky individuals being discussed on, you’d find that the successful person is doing something right in each transaction, and the failure is repeating the same mistake time and again.Practice does not make perfect -only perfect practice makes perfect.Practice make permanent whatever you repeatedly do.

You truly have everything you need already inside
you. You can achieve anything you want – and
all you have to do is train your mind to work with
your subconscious mind. It’s like training for success.
And I will show you how to get the most
out of yourself and your inner powers – so that life
becomes easier and more fulfilling.

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool – yet we only
use a small portion of it and when we do – and we
use that part poorly. Researchers have proven
that our mental state has a direct impact on our body.
If you’re stressed – you stand a better chance of
getting sick. If you’re worried, you stand a better chance
of getting sick. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool –
And when you use it correctly – you’ll be able to get back
on track, discover what you want and why and start
creating wonderful opportunities in your life. Why?
Because your subconscious will pick up the messages
from your mind and act on it.

We create what we think and what we believe sends out
a vibration that attracts similar thoughts and people who
share similar ideas. Think of ideas as waves –
That are picked up by the subconscious and the universe
and manifested in reality. Beliefs have powerful vibrations
and will be revealed sooner.

So if you constantly say you don’t know what you want
To do, or you’re not sure, or you can’t figure it out –
you’re only going to create more confusion, and you’re
only going to attract situations that will confuse you even
more. Stop this never-ending cycle of chaos and begin
Thinking about what you want. Negative thoughts create
negative beliefs, which are negative vibrations – in the
end you attract negative situations, negative people and
a harmful lifestyle.

Begin creating the right vibrations, and the
right energy to attract the opportunities,
people and situations to help you achieve your
goals. With bhrama vidya, you’ll learn how
to get your mind and subconscious mind working
For you. When you work with our vidya
within days you’ll begin creating the
right energy and discover how to attract
opportunities to that you start succeeding.
Start today.