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pancha karma

PanchaKarama is a major detoxification treatment in Ayurveda. It will detoxify your body and mind. According to Ayurveda Panchakarma is the ultimate solution to detoxify your body. Here I am going to share why Panchakarma is a primary choice to detoxify the body, how it is done, different stages of Panchakarma and benefits.

pancha karma


Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word which means five actions.  In wherein,  there are five different types of therapies as following: Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti, and Raktamokshan. In this particular Ayurvedic Treatment, the toxins are removed by application of different treatments and Ayurvedic practices.

Once the toxins are removed, then the body is known to be completely detoxified. This will be helpful in curing illness by cleansing and rejuvenating body, mind, and consciousness. This process of treatment has known to be durable and also improving the overall health of a human being by balancing the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the body.

Process of Panchakarma Treatments

The process of treatment of Panchakarma involves three major procedures. They are Poorva Karma, Pradhan Karma, and Paschat karma.


Poorva Karma

Poorva Karma is the first and the preparatory procedure before the main treatment of Panchakarma. This optimizes the benefits of the Panchakarma Treatment in the body. In Poorva Karma, the toxins in the body are accumulated and dislodged by Oleation (Snehan) and Fomentation (Swedan).

Pradhan Karma

Pradhan Karma is the primary treatment in Ayurvedic Treatment of Panchakarma.  As  I mentioned earlier, the main treatment of Panchakarma involves five actions: Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya or Shirovirechan Karma and Raktamokshan.


Vamana Karma

Vamana Karma includes the removal of the toxins orally. After the process of Poorva Karma, the toxins are accumulated in the stomach, and the other regions of the upper body are removed by giving different medicines.  It helps to expel the toxins out by emesis.
This treatment is usually done in the spring season due to its therapeutic effects and goes for around 4-8 emesis during the therapy.

Virechana Karma

Virechana Karma is known to balance the Pitta. Pitta is responsible for heat, metabolism, and transformation of the body and mind. In this stage, the medicines are given orally as a paste, decoction or powder depending upon the dosage and the condition of the patient. Usually, 30-40 emesis expulsions are known to show the effectiveness of the Virechana Karma.




Basti is one of the most important treatment know to eliminate all the major toxins in the body. This treatment has two different methods of approach; they are Anuvasana Vasti Karma and Asthapana Vasti Karma.


Anuvasana Vasti

Anuvasana wherein Karma is the process wherein the toxins are eliminated through the anus, however, in some cases, they are also administered through urinary meatus, vagina or wounds. This treatment mainly balances the illness that is caused by Vata. It is considered one of the important as Vata, controls all the movement of thoughts, breathing, blood flow and elimination of wastes. In this stage, medicinal oils are given to the patient via enema, and the frequency and dosages depend on the health condition of the patient. Indications of urine and flatulence, evacuation of stool, lightness in the body, increased strength and appetite are the signs of the Anuvasana

In this stage, medicinal oils are given to the patient via enema, and the frequency and dosages depend on the health condition of the patient. Indications of urine and flatulence, evacuation of stool, lightness in the body, increased strength and appetite are the signs of the Anuvasana Basti Karma. This treatment is also performed on a daily basis depending upon the condition of the patient.
This treatment has known to be of great help for the patients who have paralysis, hemiplegia, constipation, urinal diseases, joint and abdominal pains and also for the pains in the pelvic region.
Once the patient is gone through Anuvasana Vasti Karma, having proper rest, sleep, diet and not the stressing body is advised.

Asthapana vasti

Asthapana Vasti Karma also involves enema wherein the medicine is given after decoction with no aqueous base. This treatment is done for particular diseases, and the dosage of medicine is around 480 ml which are higher compared to the 120 ml of medicine in Anuvasana and also no oily substances are used in this treatment.


Nasya or Shirovirechan Karma
is a treatment that is done through nostrils. In this treatment, medicinal herbs are given through nostrils for a period of time to remove the toxins that are in the upper part of the body, mainly head, nose, and throat. In Nasya Karma, medicines are administered as fumes, powders, pastes, juices or decoctions. This treatment has known to benefit neck pain, headaches, epilepsy, illness of sense organs, sinus, hysteria etc. Good sleep, lightness in head and body, proper functioning of mind and sense organs are known to be the indications of Nasya Karma.


Raktamokshana involves removing of toxins from the blood. In this stage of Panchakarma, the toxins are removed either by incision on blood vessels or by application of leech. In this treatment when the leech are used as a tool, the leech sucks out the blood toxins and it is prescribed not to use the same leech at least for seven days. Raktamokshan helps used in curing skin diseases like alcoholism, enlargement of spleen and liver and other pitta related diseases.
Raktamokshan is not advised in Panchakarma, due to its high risk involving in removing the blood toxins.

Paschat Karma

Paschat Karma is the post-Panchakarma stage where the internal energy that was lost during the Ayurvedic Treatment of detoxification is rebuilt.  This stage of Post Panchakarma involves three additional phases namely, Samsarjana, Shamana and Rasayana. In Samsarjana, the patients are usually given liquids and slowly progress to the normal diet. And next in the Shamana, as the digestive system is reestablished specific Ayurvedic medicines are given to maintain the health and the medications are known to work to their optimum level as the body is off-toxins. And after the reestablishing the body and metabolism the person is advised to take herbals which help in regenerating a healthy and mindful body.

Benefits of  Panchakarma

Ayurvedic Treatment has always been known as one of the holistic.It is the best way to heal a person and providing long lasting health benefits without any side effects. After Panchakarma, the body strengthens and the energy levels are optimized.Aging is delayed and improves overall health condition.  As this Ayurvedic Treatment of Panchakarma not only cures the diseases but also removes the toxins from the body and gives a healthy and active mind. It is the best way as it removes the cause and prevents any diseases reoccurring in the future.


A person is suggested to take Panchakarma every year as it would help one in defending any diseases or sickness.  And as we all know a healthy and active mind would keep one strong and away from all the disease, Panchakarma is the treatment which helps us in acquiring an active mind and healthy body which benefits every human in leading an everyday happy life.

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