Phupphusamocana mudra, Benefits, How to do , Duration


Phupphumocana mudra is an excellent mudra for depression.

How to do Phupphusamocana mudra

Phupphusamocana mudra

Step 1.Place the tips of little finger at the bottom of the thumb finger.

Step 2. Place the tips of ring finger at the middle of the thumb finger

Step 3.Now join the tips of middle finger and thumb finger and extend the index finger to form Phupphusamocana mudra.

Duration of Phupphusamocana mudra

30 to 45 minutes of practice is enough to get good results.

Benefits of Phupphusamocana mudra

  1. Clears the bronchial tube.
  2. Enhances immunity.
  3. Heals all the problems of lungs.
  4. Helps to overcome sadness and depression.