Prasarita Padottanasana Or Wide-legged Forward Bend

(pra-sa-rita pa-dot-anas-ana)
Type of Pose: Standing, Inversion
*Strengthens and stretches the inner and back legs and spine.
*Tones the abdominal organs;

*Calms the brain and sympathetic nervous system;
*Relieves a mild backache, fatigue, and mild depression.
*Energizes heart and lungs; reduces blood pressure.
*Relieves stomach ache by reducing acidity;
*Strengthens knees joint and makes hip joint supple.
*Regulates menstrual flow

Contraindications/ Cautions

Lower-back problems: Avoid the full forward bend. Low blood pressure – come out gradually to
avoid dizziness. If you can reach your head to the ground, avoid tilting head and compressing neck.


In this pose, the hamstring and abductor muscles are fully developed while blood is made to flow to the trunk and the head. People who cannot do sirsasana can benefit from this pose, which increases digestive powers. All the standing poses described above are necessary for beginners. As the pupil advances he attains better flexibility and then the standing poses can be dispensed with, though, it is advisable to do them once a week. All these standing poses help to reduce the body weight.

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