Priciples Of Yoga Therapy


It would be difficult to find too many people who never had any sickness in their life. In fact, the number of people who are “really healthy” in today’s world would be very insignificant. Most of us are however sustaining our life somehow by consuming huge quantities of drugs. Ironically, even so-called healthy people are also consumers of drugs and tonics to build and maintain good health. We have become so drug conscious, thanks to the huge publicity by the drug manufactures that even at the slightest headache we gulb a number of tablets to get quick relief.

We have many systems of medicine in our country, but the allopathic system is the most predominant among all these. It is also the most commonly practised system iun the world. It has many antibiotics like pencillin, terramycin, streptomycin, chloromycetin, sulpha drugs etc.. used to kill bacteria or germs which attack us and cause diseases of several kinds. But as they kill germs of a disease inside out body, they also destroy some vital tissues and red blood corpuscles because they are potent poisons. They can sometimes kill germs of a disease inside our body. They also destroy some vital tissues and red blood corpuscles because they are potent posons. They can sometimes kill a patient instantly insteda of saving him. But most of them do cause what are called “side-effects” i.e while they kill a certain type of bacteria, they at the same time weaken or damage some of our delicate internal organs.

Main Features of Yoga Therapy

The world is actually suffering from over-drugging. Can man escape drugs? Yoga can prove to be a great saviour of mankind if its practic e is popularised in the length and breadth of the world, because yoga has the capacity to keep the body free from most types of sickness and thus to make the unnecessary use of drugs. It is easy to find thousands of allopathic drugs. Yoga not only advises to avoid drugs but it also helps an individual to get rid of drugs. Another plus point of yoga is that it operates not only on the physical level but also on the mental and spiritual planes .So fas as the malfunctioning of glands is concerned, no medical system has really achieved any breakthrough. Here also, it is yoga which can restore the normal functioning of glands by corrective yogic practices. At the same time it is the best preventive system, the regular practitioner of which can escape the agony of illness. This system comprises three types of activities or exercises: the yogasana, the mudras and the pranayama. While the yogasanas invigorate our internal organs, the mudras ensure healthy functioning of the glands and the pranayama, besides purifying our blood, soothens our nervous system, So, this trinity of yoga system is capable of restoring and ensuring normal health for us without the neccessity of drugs.

Diet Control

Yoga will help more when we have diet control also. If we dump all sorts of poisons in our stomach, yoga will not be able to clear that debris like a magic wand. It is scientific system based upon the minute and deep knowledge of human physiology. It can therefore operate effectively if we take balance and controled diet. The principles of which have been discussed earlier. Yoga as a curative is therefore firmly linked with diet control. We know that in any system of treatment, the medical expert also prescribes the diet system prescribed is most essential.So, while describing common diseases and yogasanas that help cure them are given below for the denefit of readers. But in acute cases, personal guidance of an expert is very essential. Moreover, it is beyond the scope of this post to give exhaustive knowledge of all diseases.

So, we have only mentioned the name of the yogasanas against the disases in which they are useful. Complete yoga therapy is the subject of a complete book or a yoga hospital.

Start with Clean Stomach

But before the above mentioned list is given, it is considered most essential to point out that yogasanas, mudras and pranayama should always be performed in empty stomach and clean body, preferably after taking bath. Yoga is for purification of body. mind and spirit, so, one must start with clean body and clean mind. Clean bowels is actually the very first and the most essential condition of yogic practices. Those who do not have their bowel clean in a natural way should therefore first perform those exercises which help in this. Bastrika described in chapter on “Six Types of Yogic Purification practices” is prescribed by ancient acharyas for complete evacuation. But experience shows that common people cannot and do not practice such yogic kriyas because it is more natural. Realising the diufficulty of performing Bastrikya, a simpler practice of easy evacuation has been devised ehich is as effective as original Bastrikriya. The following paragraph describes this useful practice, which can be performed by the sick as well as healthy people. It is very beneficial practice for constipation patients also.