Pushaan mudra


Pushan mudra is useful to improve energy and nourishment.This mudrā represents to the sun the God of warmth.

How to perform Pushan mudra

Pushaan mudra


This mudra is a combination mudra. You have to perform it by the little care with the right hand perform Vayan mudra and with the left hand perform Apana mudra.

The impact of Pushaan mudra on health

This mudra increases the major three elements of earth, air, and space within the body.


Benefits and healing properties of Pushan mudra:

Pushan mudra is an efficient in improving immunity and energy of the body.

Pushan mudrā is the best mudrā to improve your strength, stamina, and endurance.

Pushan mudrā is useful to detoxify the body; It helps to excretion of metabolic waste products through stools, urine, and waste.

Duration for Pushaan mudra:

30 minutes of regular practice is enough to get good results, you can do it anytime or any place, but it is better that you do it in the early hour of the morning or in meditation to get the best result.

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