Raw Juice Therapy – Bringing out the new you




Raw juice therapy or juice fasting is a treatment with fruit and vegetable juices. This therapy restores and rejuvenates the body.

Dr. Ragnar Berg observed that fasting burns up and eliminates huge amounts of waste. Using alkali-forming fruits and vegetables instead of water in raw juice therapy would increase the healing effect.

Toxins elimination from lungs, liver, skin, and kidneys is greatly increased. Accumulated metabolic waste, toxins, uric and inorganic acids are eliminated in swift.

Benefits of Raw Juice Therapy

  • Sugars in juice strengthen the heart
  • Abundant in vitamins, minerals, trace elements,enzymes and natural sugars which supply elements for healing activity and regeneration, thereby speeding the recoveryjuices that reduces over weight or obesity
  • Nutrients are directly taken into blood stream
  • Acidity is normalized by the alkaline in the juices, as most of the ill-health has over acidity
  • Calcium, potassium and silicon restore biochemical and mineral balance in tissues and cells, which prevent premature aging of cells and diseases
  • Contains natural medicines, vegetalhormones and antibiotics
  • Fruit juices stir up the toxins and acids; vegetable juices carry away toxins ingentle manner
  • Vegetable juices soothe the jaded nerves (Fruit and vegetable juices should not be used at the same time or mixed together)


Cucumber and onion juices contain hormones required by pancreases to produce insulin.

Garlic, onions, radish and tomatoes contain antibiotic substances.

Types of Raw Juices
Depending on the extraction, there are 6 types of fruit and vegetable juices. They are:

  1. Juices from sweet fruits: prunes and grapes
  2. Juices from sub-acidic fruits: apple, plum, pear, peach, apricot and cherry
  3. Juice from acidic fruits: Orange, grapefruit, lemon, strawberry and pineapple
  4. Juice from vegetables: Tomato and cucumber
  5. Juices from leafy vegetables: Cabbage, celery, lettuce, spinach, parsley and watercress
  6. Juices from root vegetables: Beetroot, carrot, onion, potato and radish

Precautions in Raw Juice therapy:

There are precautions that have to be taken for raw juice therapy.
Mixing Juices

  • Combining sweet fruit juice with sub-acidic fruits
  • Sub-acidic fruit juice with sweet or acidic fruit juices
  • Acidic fruit juice with sub-acid fruits or vegetable fruits
  • Vegetable fruit juice with acidic fruits or green leafy vegetables
  • Green leafy vegetable juices with vegetable fruits or root vegetables
  • Root vegetables with green leafy vegetables

Juices can only be combined in the above mentioned combinations. Mixing with other than the above mentioned combination may rise to serious health issues.

Other precautions to be followed for Raw Juices


  • Juices should be made freshly before drinking
  • Canned and frozen shall not be used
  • Fresh ripe fruits and vegetables (Organic)
  • Should consume after the preparation (Do not store or make in advance)
  • Extracting the complete juice (Essential components might be left in pulp orfibre)
  • If too sweet, should be diluted with water on 50:50 or lesser sweet fruits (Especially for diabetic, high BP, hypoglycemia and arthritis patients)

Procedure of Raw Juice therapy

A day can be usually started with a glass of water mixed with lemon juice and 20-30 grams of honey.
The juice can be drunk for every 3 hour interval.
The quantity of juice can be started with 250 ml.  The amount can be increased by 50ml each day till 650 ml for a single day.
It can be continued for 30-40 days without any illness.
The patient should have adequate rest.

The person may experience the following symptoms during the Raw Juice therapy:

Pain in abdomen.
Loss of Weight.
Bad breath
These are the usual outcomes during the elimination of toxins. They will all go once the toxins are removed from the body. Drugs or any other alternates are not to be used to suppress these pains.

The normal balance can be started gradually in stages. In the beginning, two meals may be replaced by fruits and milk. Later, the juice meals can be substituted by a balanced-diet.
Raw juice therapy must be practiced under specialists’ guidance.


Remember While Extracting Juice:

Only fresh fruit and vegetables should be purchased.  It should be washed and cut before extracting their juice and immediately put into juicer for extracting juice.  After extracting juice, the juicer should be thoroughly washed and cleaned with warm water otherwise bacteria are produced and mix with juice when extracted next time.

Special Method for Drinking Water & Juice:

It should not pulp. It should be drunk very slowly with a spoon or with small draughts.  Take atleast 5 minutes for one glass of water or Juice.  The Juice should be only extract as and when required and immediately drunk after extracting.

Alkalizing Green Soup:

Clean finely chop & boil all leafy vegetables that you can think of for eg. Spinach, Radish, leaves, Beet, carrots, doodhi, and green leaves of spring onions, sarsoo, methi leaves and chawli leaves etc. in one litre of water.  After that smash into mixture with same water and kept it to boil down to reduce to half litre.  And added only juice of lemon, one teaspoon, crushed garlic and ginger juice.  Drink it hot.

How to Prepare Green Juice:

Take any leafy vegetables like Methi, spinach, cabbage, green coriander & mint leaves etc. leaves of any non-poisonous plant clean them thoroughly in salt water.  Grind them and extract juice.  Daily drink 1 to 3 cups adding therein each cup 1 teaspoon of health drink + 1 table spoon of honey.  Do not worry if you get green loose motions.  Drink sip by sip very slowly with spoon.  1 cup in the morning, in after noon and in evening.  Do not add salt & spices for taste.

How to prepare Black Tea:

Put one cup of water to boil.  Add one teaspoon of any TEA (Mumri or any tea will do, but not dust tea) in it & boil till it reduce to half a cup.  Filter it & add half cup of warm water, drink one cup of black tea, the first thing in the morning.  In case of nausea keep 2 cloves or little sugar in the mouth.  After 30 minutes, regular breakfast can be taken.  Drink this black tea for 12 to 15 days till you URINE become clear & odorless.  Make it a habit of drinking such black tea without adding salt or sugar for taste every year for 12 days in cold seasons and PREVENT any problems of kidney.

Health Drink:

Prepare mixture of Amla powder 300gm & ginger (saunth) powder 100 gms.  Take one teaspoon with luke warm water daily in the morning & evening.

For Instant Energy:

Drink glucose powder whenever you feel tired.

For Increasing Immunity Power:

(i)           Drink lemon juice adding pinch of pepper powder and preferably jiggery (gur) or 1 teaspoon sugar once every day.  Prepare in luke warm water.

(ii)         Soaking some handful wheat in stainless steel utensil for 8 hr. after drink that water.  The remaining soaked wheat also can be used by grinding in mixture jar cup and strain in clean cloth.  Boil this extract with some milk and drink it.

(iii)       Soaking green moong for 8 hrs in night.  In the morning drink this soak water on empty stomach and chew that moong.

By going through the article, you have all realized that it would be good to go for Raw juice therapy. It would definitely bring the change and you can be the new you. A body free of toxins has the mind full of happiness.

I hope that you all go for a Raw Juice therapy and experience the rejuvenation and the toxin free happy body. I am sure your body will love you all the more.
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