Reflexology The Modern Relaxation Techniques


In the current world, we are prone to many health issues from our environment and lifestyles. With our busy schedules, it becomes difficult for us to go to a doctor for every time. We ignore and the sickness builds up, worsening the health. Going to the doctor or being under treatment takes our precious time. Moreover, being under treatments for every small issue make us feel worse. It also disturbs our mental state.
So, what do we do now? We want to be healthy and do not want to waste our time on small issues. We also do not want to ignore our health.
Do you have the answer?
Yes? No? Well, I do have a simple resolution. It will heal your health issues and also, it enhances your life.
The resolution is Reflexology. This book “Reflexology – The modern way of Self-Relaxation” is the tool you need. It contains simple techniques that can treat many health issues that we have in our life. From chronic stress to mild pain in your jaws.
We respect your time and understand the importance of your health. You and all us should know to heal ourselves at our home without being dependent. It saves our time, makes us understand the issue. When we do so, we are more aware of ourselves and do our best in preventing the diseases by taking actions from time to time.
Ask yourself, is this book really going to be helpful? Why do I need this book when I am healthy?
I tell you, it enhances your daily life, it elevates your body. It removes all the small issues that are hidden and suppressed. They might come up or worse from inside. It is better to prevent and eliminate the health problems that are minute in nature.
Try it, and your life and health will thank you. You will thank me.


• Introduction

• What is Reflexology

• History of Reflexology

• The Therapeutic Benefits of Reflexology

• How is Reflexology Useful in Relaxation and in (remove preposition “in”) Healing Common Diseases

• Scientific and Research Reports that Back the Healing Properties of Reflexology

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