I say no to GMO, because I know Organic


I say no to GMO because I know Organic

Genetically modified food. We have been hearing about this a lot in the recent past and many issues have been raised and actions have been taken on GMO. So, what exactly is GMO and how are we being affected by GMO?  Is organic food better than GMO? It definitely is, let’s take a look at it.

I say no to GMO, because I know Organic
Genetically modified foods are the ones that do not occur naturally. GMO are manufactured by altering the natural state of DNA, later bringing out the new set of genes. This method is used for the fast outcome, better quantity or as a defense against insects.
Organic Foods are grown without any alteration or usage of any chemical compounds to enhance the quality or quantity of the food. Organic food is healthier as it does not contain any chemicals that could harm the human body.

It has been very clear from the recent debates that the GMO’s are harmful at an alarming rate with the health issues that have been reported by consuming the GM foods. But many have argued with the Organic Supporters that the population is growing and they should not stand against as they are trying to find the effective ways to feed the millions.
GMOs are known to have lost the original nutrients that are known to have in a particular food. It has been proven and it is very simple, the GMOs contain chemicals that are not digested by human beings due to its altered state. When consumed humans suffer and have to bare the illness.
Food Allergic Reactions, Super viruses, Birth defects, shorter life span, lowered nutrition and many other diseases have to be prone with the usage of GMOs. So, why not cut down the GMOs and go Organic when it is very clear that Organic is better than GMOs.

Labeling of Organic food has become mandatory in few of the countries like Australia and Japan. These are the few of the examples of labeling: 100% Organic, Made with Organic Ingredients.

With the current situation of lifestyles around the globe, consuming GMOs would only degrade the health and risk the life of both the earth and human beings.

Organic consumption should be promoted and after many debates, the production of GM has been cut down a lot around the world. But we still do see GM in many countries. Growing your own food has also been in the light, but not all of us have space and time to produce our own crops. There are many stores and many farmers who have been growing organic food and are also easily available around the corners.  Let’s all now say a complete no-no to GMOs and have a healthy and Organic Life.
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