The Scientific Myth About Human Brain


The brain plays a vital role in the functioning of humans. It has several complex structures. Many types of research have been done on understanding the aspects of the brain. They are still being conducted. Yet, a clear picture of the mechanisms of brain has not been proved.


We all have been under the myth that only 10% of the brain actually works. Recent studies and works on the brain have debunked the myth. We all use our complete brain. Or at least, most part of the brain is active. And yes, that is true.


We need our full and proper functioning of our brain. Any damage could greatly affect our physical and psychological levels. That could be a major issue. So, what if a part of our brain damages or stops functioning or ceases to exist? Do we have a normal life? Many great works and scientist have told us that it is impossible. We need our full and complete operating brain.


The latest scenario of a human brain has put all the scientists in mystery. A French man’s life has put a question mark on a study of the brain. How can a person lead a normal life with only a small percentage of his brain? How can a person be conscious or mentally stable?


That is the real scenario and a decade ago in 2007. A French man went to a doctor for the ache in his legs. After scans, it was revealed that 90% of his physical brain was just filled with fluids leaving out only a thin membrane. As an infant, he was diagnosed and treated with stern. Gradually the brain was damaged and filled fluid over a period of 30 years by a condition known as hydrocephalus.


But this did not have any major impact on his life.  He has a nice family and has been living a healthy life. Although his IQ was only 75 with only 10% of his brain was functioning, that did not affect his consciousness or thinking.


This condition of the brain has stirred the thinking and theories about the brain that have been studied over decades. According to the studies claustrum, a thin sheet of neurons running between major brain regions, or the visual cortex is responsible for consciousness. This has been proven wrong in the case of the French man with 90% of his brain missing.


The other wide theory is that the left side of the brain is responsible for logic and rational thinking. The right side of the brain is responsible for the body functions and theories. This theory also doesn’t go much with the condition of the French man with 90% of his brain.



Consciousness is not something we are born with, it can occur in any regions of brain and location can be flexible according to Cleeremans hypothesis.


Cleermans hypothesis could be the best idea of the brain development and functions. The 10% brain of the French man could have adopted and developed for thinking and consciousness. It might have also developed itself in normal functioning, even though 90% of his brain was eroded.


This French man with 90% of his brain eroded would surely close many of the theories that have been put forth in the past. Or maybe it could be a miracle in the history of human. Anything could be possible.


Let’s wait and see how exactly the French man’s 10% of a brain with 90% eroded away was able to function normally. The study would have a great  impact on overall understanding of science and consciousness.