The Secret Of Self Healing “A Complete Guide For Healing Yourself At Home”


We are living in a world that uses a lot of chemicals to harvest, prepare and preserve food. The result is a lot of pollution around us and too many toxins in the body. The air and water have become malignant from the wastes of industries and automotive. The food we consume is chemically processed, preserved, and genetically modified. These foods merely have benefits; but in turn, they damage our body. The toxins from the air, water, and food accustom in our body and give rise to many health issues and disorders. Our body’s natural defense mechanism fights many of these diseases. However, our lifestyles and routines weaken the overall body mechanisms. These conditions result in fatigue, low productivity, frequent illness, sexual disorders and unable to live a to the fullest.

The Secret of Self Healing


The first thing that comes into our mind is consulting a doctor. We are programmed to believe that modern medicines and treatments are more efficient than any other treatment. Modern medicine is a developing science, which is every day improving and has its advantages and disadvantages. Regular use of medications adds another level of toxins in our body damage the organs. Constantly being under medications further, weakens our immune system and force us to use it regularly. Slowly, we become so dependent, that it becomes difficult for us to stay away from the medications.
We all know that the modern foods and treatments have a varied side effect. There are many ways that we could avoid these harmful things and live a healthy life. Organic foods and alternate therapies are the best ways that one could live a healthy life.
Most of us are aware of the alternative treatments and organic foods. When we know it, then why not use it? It is because of the doubts that arise in the mind.
Do alternative therapies work?
How do we know that alternate treatments and organic foods are better than modern medicines?
How effective is alternative therapy?
How fast are the results?
How do we understand or treat ourselves with alternative treatments?

This book “The Secret of Self-Healing” introduces you to the world of the natural and holistic healings and giving a proper explanation to all your doubts.
The self-healing in this context refers to healing yourself by understanding the illness. This book contains contributions from 6 expertise in the fields of Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Mudra therapy, Diet therapy, Yoga and meditation compelled by the renowned Mudra therapists Hari Kumar.
The compilation of this book is such a precise and straightforward manner that an average person can understand and follow it.
All the techniques mentioned in the book are easy to perform on your own without being dependent.

As discussed earlier, our body is prone to many physical and mental disturbances with the current living conditions. These issues rise from lifestyle, the food, environmental conditions, personal and professional world. Under pressure, our body and mind lead to acute and chronic disorders like tiredness, stress, physical pains and many other diseases. These symptoms and issues stop one from working efficient and at optimum levels. Many ignore these, thinking that these would not affect but these eventually result in chronic health problems.
One has to know that acute symptom is also vital to handle. Cutting out or handling the issue at a proper time would not only prevent the disease but also saves time and gives a better health. Changes in lifestyle and following few health tips will give a positive impact on your health.
The best way to do it is by practicing the self-healing techniques. The self-healing techniques are all about healing yourself. The methods involve dietary actions, exercise, and few life-enhancing practices.
When you know that particular actions cause a particular illness, avoiding those activities and checking on the alternate would heal and make us better.

For example, a 1-year-old child sleeping in a cradle wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying. Mom wakes up, picks him up from the cradle, gives him milk or something, plays around for a while and puts him back in the cradle after he is asleep. It became a daily routine for baby to cry. Mom loses her sleep and wakes tired every day resulting in uneasiness the whole day.
Mom takes the child to a doctor after a week, and he gives some medications to the child. He tests the baby and tells her that there is nothing major, it is just because of some x reason he is waking in the middle of the night. He prescribes some medications. The baby was sound sleeping for the next day.
Two days later, mom wakes in the midnight to check the baby. The cloth on his arm had little scratches. The mom wondered not knowing the reason and changed his clothes. Next day she reviewed the video from the camera that was over the cradle. She was astonished from the video clip.
Every day, the cat jumped from the window over his cradle and into the kitchen. The boy woke at the time the cat jumped, and that was the main reason he started crying. The mom was dubious over the reason, which the doctor gave. She went to another medical practitioner a friend of her husband. The doctor then said that the baby was all fit and perfect, and there was no reason for medication and asked her to stop it right there. He stated that those tablets were just to put the baby to sleep which was dangerous to the baby at that age.
Before she consulted the doctor if she had checked the video tape, all this inconvenience would have been avoided. And the baby would have been saved both from the cat and the harmful medications.

The moral of the story states that one has to understand from within before taking any action.
Self-healing is all about understanding the condition and treating the cause. It is very simple, know the cause and take the actions without any need of modern medication.

The techniques and process in this book are ancient and sacred passed over by the greatest minds in the world of science and medicine. The recent studies on these techniques have proven that these alternate methods are better than the modern medications.

The main aim of this book is to give you a deeper understanding of your body and lifestyles giving you greater perspective. This book contains information on the cause, symptoms, and treatments. Not only treating illness, but it also has information on how to prevent diseases, enhance and enrich your daily life.
You may now question yourself on why to consider this book.
“Think of an energetic, joyful day and a peaceful good night’s sleep. Imagine a life without sickness and mind free of sufferings. “
You surely want to have such a lifestyle. This book is a perfect tool to repair and enrich your life.


De-Toxifying Affirmations:
With every out breath I rid of  my body of toxins.  Every breath I take cleanses my body totally.
Affirmations for Energy:
Every breath I take increases my aliveness.  Every day that passes I feel stronger and more alive.
Affirmations for Negative Mental Pattern:
1.         I have let go of any mental pattern which is creating ill effects in my life.
2.         I am willing to forgive anyone who has ever hurt me and wish them well.
3.         I have let go of the past and now live totally in the present.
Affirmations – Upon Awakening:
Every day, in every way, I am getting better & better.
Affirmations – Before Sleeping:
When I wake up I shall feel totally refreshed, energized and well.
Affirmations – Before Taking Treatment:
This treatment is totally successful and feels totally comfortable.
Affirmations for Cancer & Other Diseases:
My body is healing itself totally.
Affirmations for Heart & Other Ailment:
My (Heart or take the name of the affected organ) is a strong again and functioning normally.
White Light Visualization:
Imagine you are surrounded by white light.  As you focus on it more and more, the light becomes brighter and brighter.  Know that this light is purifying and healing.  Allow it to enter your body throughout the top of your head.  Feel it permitting throughout your body, as it does so cleaning out all the dark corners, washing away any dirt that has been stored there.  Feel the light flowing out through you feet, taking any old, stale & unhealthy energy with it.  Continue until you feel totally “Cleaned out, refreshed & revitalized”.
Auto – Suggestion:
1.      Every day in every way I am getting better and better.
2.     God is Almighty. God is merciful. He is healing me of kidney disorder. With thanks and in full faith so be it
3.     I release the pattern in my consciousness that created this condition .I am willing to change. I love and approve of myself.
(One should say after awaking in morning and while go to bed.)
Experience each moment with gratitude and purpose

I am sure that you won’t be the same person after reading this book.
Content of the book:
Principles and practices of Nature cure.
Fasting and Juice fasting.
Therapeutic baths.
Mud therapy.
Diet therapy.
Massage therapy.
Yoga therapy.
Mudra therapy.
Healing powers of color.
Healing through mantras and yantras.
Healing through Aura.
Healing through music.
Healing through organic foods.
Also includes, symptoms, causes, and treatments of 50 prominent diseases.