How to do:

First lie down on your stomach. Keep your face towards the right. Bend your right arm from the elbow in way that the fingers of your right hand come near your nose at a distance of about 15 cm. Bend your right leg a little so that your right foot should come near your left knee.Your belly and chest should touch the ground and the body should leave in a completely relaxed position. The body should keep in a way that there is no stiffness in any part of the body. Breath should be  in slowly and deeply, keeping your attention on your breath.

Repeat this posture with your left cheek on the ground and your left arm and leg bent. On the ground. the body should be in such a relaxed state as if a child is sleeping in the lap of his mother. close your eyes and feel as if you are also sleeping in the lap of Mother Nature.

Benefits of Shithilasana:

This asana helps to remove all the negative energy and get the positive energy. This yoga asana helps you to connect with nature. All the body gets complete