Akarna Dhanurasana




Akarna Dhanurasana


It is also known as ” The shooting bow pose.” It derives its name from
the formation that you finds your body in…
when doing the pose.  The  yoga pose is
called so because the shape of  the body takes
resembles that of a bow and arrow.

Benefit to Body Part:

1.The anatomical focus of the akarna dhanurasana
includes the groins, thighs, chest, belly, spine,
shoulders and neck. 2.Some of the benefits of
performing this yoga pose include:
working and strengthening the legs
core muscles build-up
the improvement of grace and concentration.

Therapeutic Applications:

1.It contributes to betters the process of digestion,
clears constipation and treats indigestion.
2.It also beneficial  in healing pain in the lower areas
of the abdomen and also relieves pain in the
larger intestines
3.The pose also helps in regularizing the
menstrual cycle in most women.
4.Breathing is greatly enhanced with this pose as
it increases the capacity of the lungs to retain


Firstly, if you are a beginner do not try the
pose when you are alone.
This pose belongs to the intermediate level of
yoga poses and therefore if you are a novice,
you should not try this pose at the very outset.
You should not perform this asana in case you
are pregnant.
People with spinal injuries should also avoid
this pose.

Beginner’s Tip:

One of the best beginners tips that can be
offered when it comes to the shooting bow
the pose is that if you are having a hard time
lifting the thighs away from the floor, you can
give yourself a little upward boost by lying
down with the thighs being supported by a
rolled up blanket.