Signs that say you have authentic power



Signs that say you have authentic power

Power over other people is recognized as weakness in the form of strength. True power lies within yourself and is available to you. It may seem that the words power and strength are similar. We live in such a world where we have been programmed to see the strongest political figure, country, family member, person, and the person who has the highest power within etc.


For some of us, it may be quite difficult to distinguish between strength and power. Strength, in general, are defined by a number of things which are inclusive of a high position at the job, lots of money, higher physical strength, etc.

Those who are living with the characteristics of the third-dimensional belief system are highly resonate with the belief that says might equal right.

Speaking of an emotional level, there are people who say that they are the stronger person and they have been through a lot.


You can replace the word strong in the sentence with power. You can understand the difference in the energy between both. A strong individual requires an opponent or enemy with an eye to reinforcing his strength, A powerful individual, on the other hand, does not require any opponent. Speaking about strength and power, strength contributes to being the direct result to come into the inner mystery of ownself.


Here are five ways by which you can distinguish between a powerful and a strong person.


  1. Strength assists in the comparison of itself to others whereas power bring a comparison with the former self


People who are successful do not worry about others action. However, strength requires some sort of resistance to get stronger. For instance, a strong country requires weaker countries for comparing themselves. On the other hand, a strong person requires detrimental circumstances for feeding off. It is owing to the fact that strength is not strong in accordance with own. It requires comparison with others. A powerful person does not need anything or anyone with an eye to aligning with power. This is due to the fact that power does not need others to become powerful so that they can shine.


  1. Power makes use of love, whereas strength makes use of fear


It goes without saying that the humble people happens to be the great The best listener contributes to being one of the most powerful individuals in a particular place. The man who is most selfless always wins though it appears it is not so. If we observe someone is making use of procedures on the basis of fear for controlling or manipulating the action of other people, it is actually a sign that they do not rely on their own power. A powerful person never scares other people for earning their respect. It requires empathizing and loving them as they know it every well that no other force is more powerful than love.


This, however, does not indicate that powerful people do not take the right actions. For example, if they observe that one individual is threatening or abusing the other, they do not require power for living life in the threat of attack in the specific moment. Power makes use of strength whenever it is necessary. Powerful men never live in hypothetical scenarios or situations.


  1. Power does not require any follower, strength does


A strong person wants that his image should be reinforced. This is accomplished by trying to enhance the number of subjects or followers. This can be done by attempting to gain people for managing evidence about how strong they really are. Strength makes use of others as an object for the promotion of their own image. Powerful people, on the other hand, does not show interest in numbers.


Whether one person or almost ten million person is following them, the message never varies. That one message contains everything for doing with themselves such as their own integrity. It does not have anything to be renowned and thereby winning popularity contests.


  1. Powerful people try to look within themselves for finding answers to questions, whereas strong people looks outside with an eye to finding answers to different questions


You should never look outside for finding answers to questions. The answers to different questions in life lie within yourself. It is only you who has the right understanding of making your heart feel at home. None other than you can listen to your own inner voice. The key lies in asking the right questions to yourself.


Strength requires external realities with an eye to relying on the reinforcement of their own image and maintaining their own place over others. On the other hand, powerful people has trust on their own intuition before anybody else.


There will several times in our life where reality from outside will confer the reply to anything we have tried to explain or look for in such a manner we have never think of. On the other hand, a powerful person tests the different theories against the inner guidance system of their own and ensures to follow the same in lieu of believing or following blindly in anything.


  1. Power is believed to be silent, whereas strength is louder



Strength lets us know that we are very strong. Strength takes pride in material acquisitions and external possessions. On the other hand, power does not need all these with an eye to feeling powerful. Power is a constant requirement for followers. It needs other people for believing them in some specific level.


It makes use of different achievements for presenting the proof of strength. But achievements are not mistakes. They are neither capable of purchasing nice things. Power does not require talking about these things for gaining any kind of admiration. Power is known to find the highest security or most confidence within the inner silence of oneself.


Thus, you should always listen to your inner self. You will notice that you are gaining success in every work though it may not seem so in the beginning. Start trusting on yourself instead of others.