Simple And natural ways to lose weight for woman


simple techniques to lose weight

In this advanced world, obesity is a common problem. Due to the passion for modern lifestyle, it becomes habit that eating  fast foods and processed foods.In a busy life, it  is quite normal for everyone take junk foods. Lack of proper time management leads to an unhealthy lifestyle which will eventually result in overweight. It is quite normal that without physical work or exercise obesity is inevitable.

Let us try to find out why women are facing overweight problems more than men.
A women lifestyle is very much different from men.Their problems and reasons for overweight are quite different from men.If you are facing overweight problems first of all find out what is the major reason behind it.
One of the common reasons in women for overweight is Kapha constitution.Women who had khapha constitution is very much prone to gain weight when compared to Vata and pitta constitution( Identify your body constitution click this link Personality through health or Identify Your Body Type based on Ayurveda).
Second common reason for women for overweight is due to the imbalance in periods.If you are facing the problem of imbalance in periods leads to gain weight and overweight will lead to imbalance in periods, they are interrelated
The third reason is  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This defect leads you to gain weight.
The fourth reason pregnancy. During pregnancy and after delivery there are chances of gaining weight because of there is no chance for you to do exercise and diet control. Having diet control during pregnancy will hamper the baby’s growth in the womb.

Apart from the above four reasons, over weightsleeping or taking a nap after having lunch will leads you to gain overweight. Sleeping immediately after taking food should be avoided at any cost.

Hypothyroid, imbalance in thyroid gland is one of the overweight women
These  are the major reasons for overweight in women.
Now look at very simple but effective and natural ways to lose your over weight.
Reduce the increase khapha dosha in body by avoiding kapha foods, Eating curd,sleeping after meals, taking milk and milk product  after noon leads to increase Khapha dosha.
Perform linga mudra or surya mudra to control khapha in body:Mudra For Obesity(Mudra to Lose Weight)
Natural and simple ways to lose weight
Drinking hot water helps to lose weight
Avoid eating fat and fast foods. Avoid eating full at a time, try to eat in intervals which will help us to reduce weight.
Avoid dairy products expect butter milk if your overweight. It is essential that body should get enough nutrients so don’t reduce this completely.
Taking 10 gms of Ginger daily will help us to reduce over weight.
Drinking hot water before meals will help us to reduce weight
Exercise every day a minimum of forty minutes will help to lose weight.
Take proper medication and exercise after delivery. Take care about imbalance in periods and thyroid function.