Sprouts Health Benefits,Method Of Preparation,List of Seeds


Sprouts are germinated seeds. They are the best nutritional gifts to humankind. Sprouts are part of diet since ancient times.

Sprouts have healthy digestion and nutritional value compared to non-sprouted and other foods. Much Chinese and Indians take sprouts as a part of daily diet. Sprouts are one of the easiest things that one could make. They do not require any special care, but just usual watering.


Most of the legumes, seeds, and grains are sprouts. Below are the most common sprouts.

• Legumes: Bengal gram, groundnut, peas, and mung.
• Seeds: Alfalfa, coriander, carrot, pumpkin and muskmelon seeds.
• Grains: Barley, bajra, ragi, maize and wheat.

Sprouting method

Proper organic and a good variety of seeds are taken for sprouting. Make sure that the seeds, legumes or grains are sprout table.
Seeds should be washed thoroughly with clean water. Later soak them in a jar with 1/4th water overnight and cover with cheesecloth or wire. The jar should be larger as the seeds expand up to 8 times the original size. Allow little air flow and do not expose the jar to cold or hot winds.
Small seeds soak for 5 hours.
Medium seeds soak for 8 hours.
Beans and grains soak for 10-12 hours.
Next morning rinse until the water is drained on the soaked seeds. This should be repeated three times a day till the sprouts are ready to eat.
Sprouts germinate within two or three days depending on temperature and humidity. Sprouts show green leaves at the tip. That indicates germination and the sprouts are at the maximum levels of nutritional value. Germinated sprouts can be stored in refrigerators and make sure that they retain the freshness.
Insufficient or excess water, too hot or cold temperatures and lack of fresh air will not be helpful for sprouting. There are chances of rotting of sprouts.

Benefits of Sprouts
Sprouts hold many beneficial factors compared to the embryos. Sprouting increases vitamin, mineral, and nutritional values. They also decrease unwanted calories and carbohydrates.

Proteins are in standard amounts after sprouting. During sprouting carbohydrates break and absorb atmospheric nitrogen. These form into amino acids resulting in proteins that are easily digestible.
Sprouts have sufficient concentration of sodium content useful for digestion. These mix with gastrointestinal juice, thereupon increasing metabolism and also eliminates carbon dioxide.
Ascorbic acids are absorbed from nature during sprouting. These help in metabolizing of proteins.
Sprouts are in predigested forms which make it easy for digestion.
Starch is into glucose and sucrose. Proteins into amino acids and amides.Fats and oils into fatty acids.
Sprouts also reduce the amount of oligosaccharides that are responsible for the formation of gas. Sprouts also contain the standard amount of water and fiber.

Sprouts are easy to grow without many efforts. It is the simplest form of taking proper amounts of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. They boost our health condition without any side effects. Mainly, they are the easiest ways of consuming beneficial components of fruits and vegetables. They are also easily digested.
With so many benefits and so little efforts, it is always good to have it.
Have a fresh life with sprouts.


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