Stress,cholesterol and heart disorders

Negative emotions are always disturbs our life especially stress,anger and other emotions make a bad impact on heart. According to the report of the researches states that the average risk of a heart attack increases when you had negative emotions frequently. Psychologist also saying that depression and helplessness has a impact on heart.

We are physiologically different when we are happy and sad.Negative emotions leads the adrenals to release biologically toxic element ‘cristol’.Cristol causes a spasm in the arteries and cuts the blood slow to the heart .It causes angina pain and some time it can be even be fatal.Every time you experience a negative emotion more cristol is produced. All the negative and suppressed emotions causes serious heat disorders. It cause blood clots,thickening of arteries walls and leads to hypertension.

some useful tips to over come negative emotions

Smile is a wonderful remedy : smile give relax to nervous system ,burns calories.Smile even the situation is against you,it will improve your heart health.

Deep and deliberate breathing exercise help you to over come and control all the negative emotions.While doing this keep your mind blank,and imagine a beautiful scene like sun set or water falls.
Meditation vedic culture is become well known to the whole world as a stress managing and calming the mind.Regular practice of meditation can cut the risk of heart attack.