The Aura


“Aura” is a Latin word meaning ” gently moving air” ” a breath of air” “fragrance”, “light” and ” a glow of light”. The aura itself is an energy field which surrounds the body and permeates it, like a kind of halo. It consists of the seven auras which belong to man’s seven subtle energy bodies. Generally, a distinction is made between.


  1. The spiritual aura which has a diameter of 15 to 18 feet.
  2. The Mental aura which usually has a diameter of up to eight feet: and
  3. The etheric aura, which radiates from the physical body to a length of about eight inches.

Since the auras overlap, it is not always possible to determine them individually. What clairvoyants usually see, however, is the etheric aura. This is perceived as being a kind of translucent field consisting of different colors and patterns. The aura can change in color, size, structure and intensity according to the mental and emotional state f the person involved. Strongly-felt emotions and physical and mental illness will be reflected by the appearance of the aura. In an analysis made by the British colour council, the aura was determined as possessing over 4700 individually registered shades. Not only human beings but also plants, animals and stones have auras.


The fact that these fields of energy do not exist solely in the imagination of few people has been proved scientifically by kirlian photography, a special method which makes the aura visible. Of significance e in this context is a form of diagnosis developed by the west German natural health practitioner Peter Mandel, who makes use of Kirlian photography in this so-called Energy Emission Analysis.

Since we only intended to deal with the aura here in terms of healing with Reiki, Further literature has been listed below for those interested.

We would now like to describe a very easy method of harmonizing the aura and smoothing it out, which is not part of the traditional program of Reiki treatment but which has proved to be so successful that several Reiki Masters now recommend it. You can incorporate it into your own program of treatment, of course,  but it can also be done at any time. We ourselves carry it out before and after we give Reiki.

In order to harmonize the aura( which you do not have to see in order to practice this method successfully) let your patient lie on his back and, facing him, stand to his left. Now with your right hand, make a wide eliptical movement 8 inches above the patient, from head to foot and back again. Repeat three times. You may or may not feel a slight resistance when you touch the aura. This will have to do with the fact that we have been conditioned for most our lives to only believe in what we can see and feel. However, whether you feel the aura or not, your treatment will be equally effective and once you have started to “look out” for the aura, you will probably begin to “feel” it after a while.

This method can also be carried out at the end of every Reiki Session, when the patient is lying on his stomach, Here again , stand to the right of the patient and describe three ellipses in the air above his body, from head to foot and back again, that is all. This method will generally require no more than 12 seconds and will leave the patient feeling in a good way as well as harmonizing him. Very sensitive people will  feel their auras being smoothed out very distinctly.

There is also a method for loosening up the aura, which can be done at any time but not as part of a Reiki session. It is very effective and helpful, especially when someone is depressed or weighed doen. In this method the feet and working your way up, loosen up the aura as if you were whirling feathers into the air. Repeat from all sides, until the whole aura has been treated.This method will cheer people up and help them feel freer. Try it out.