The Mystic Powers Of Mudras



The Mystic Powers Of Mudras:  This is a book that will reveal the secret powers of mudras.  In this book,  I have explained how mudras will help you to activate and manifest the mystic powers inside you. In this book, I have included few important mudras that are not known to many of the modern mudra practitioners. 

the mystic powers of mudra

  1. 21 Mudras to activate and manifest Mystic powers.
  2. An Ultimate Combination of Mudras to unlock unlimited powers.
  3. Mudras for attracting metrical wealth and success.
  4. Ancient Mudras to activate Kundalini.
  5. Yoga Mudras for complete wellbeing.

This book is color printed with mulch color photos.

60 pages with 70pictures.
Language                            English

Edition                             1

Publication                         Year2015

Publisher Name                      M.Hari Kumar

No. Of Pages                       60