These are the things happens to you when you eat sugar


We all eat white, mill-made sugar every day. It is become our daily diet. We add sugar in milk,tea,coffee,sherbat and other sweet preparations.

When you take excess of sugar in our diet. we are inducting excessive quantity of uric acid in to our body.

This may lead  to dangerous diseases like Diabetes, rheumatism, acidity and pyorrhea.

In Children this may cause Worms.

If we analyze the food value of sugar we will find that there is no food value in sugar.

All its nutrients are actually destroyed in the process of crystallization.

If we have to sweeten our preparations it is better we use other better foods like, Jaggery, Honey or date syrup.

Refined sugar supplies only ’empty’ calories, i.e. no nutrients, only energy. It is the primary cause of tooth decay, and it is a principal factor in diabetes, obesity, and certain other disorders. It makes us hungry by creating a ‘roller coaster’ effect in our blood sugar levels: blood sugar soar, the pancreas reacts by secreting more insulin, them levels rapidly plummet making us tired, hungry and depressed. This is the low blood sugar syndrome hypoglycemia.
White, mill-made sugar has become one of the major part in our daily diet. We are taking it in milk, tea, coffee, sharbat and all other sweet preparations. You should know that taking excess of white sugar is inducting excess of uric acid in to the body. This extra uric acid causes some dangerous diseases as diabetes, rheumatism, acidity and pyorrhea.In children it causes worms.

Last few years there is an increase in the uses of white sugar and also increase in the number of patients.If you clearly analyze sugar as food, you will find out there is no food value.All the nutients in the sugar is destroyed in the process of crystallization. Gur is the best choice as a food. It retains its protein, fat, vitamins and iron, calcium and other minerals. Gur is slightly laxative it helps childrens to get relieved from thread worms.
health hazardous of Sugar

We do need sugar as a vital source of fuel. The best source is formed natural sources in whole foods, where they are balanced with the proper minerals. Processed white sugar has all the minerals and vitamins removed. Read all labels carefully as most canned or processed foods contain sugar. Sugar often appears as sucrose, dextrose, glucose, corn sweetener, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and maltose. It’s in salad dressing, cereals energy bars, and foods that you least suspect.

Refined sugar passes quickly into the bloodstream and shocks the stomach and pancreas. It causes an acidic condition in the body, and the body rushes to neutralize this using its reserves of minerals to do so. Calcium is one of these and is used up quickly. Calcium is one of the essential nutrients utilized in the contraction of muscle fibers. A muscle cannot relax without the proper amount of calcium.

Over time, conditions of hypoglycaemia and diabetes can result from constant intake of sugar. The adrenal glands also become stressed, resulting in conditions of fatigue and impaired immune function. Sugar contributions to mental clarity. ADD, arteriosclerosis, anxiety irritability, shakiness, headaches, insomnia and many more symptoms and conditions.

What should you do; Balance your meals with more protein to help reduce sugar cravings?

There are also many supplements to help ease the addiction. Some that have been found to work are chromium picolinate, biotin, and vitamins B complex and C