This is what happens to you when you do Yoga Mudra


benefits of yoga mudra

Yoga mudra is one of the very important mudra in mudras. When you practice this mudra it tones up the nervous system, builds up powerful abdominal muscles and strengthens the pelvic organs. It helps pep up digestion, boosts the appetite and removes constipation. It provides relief in gas troubles, flatulence and lumbago.It tones up and relaxes the nerves of the head and face. It also strengthens the sex glands.

How to do Yoga mudra:

Sit erect in padmasana. Fold your hands behind your back,holding your left wrist the right hand. Take a deep breath. While exhaling, bend forward slowly keeping your hands on your back. Bring your face downwards until your nose and forehead touch the floor. While inhaling slowly rise back to the upright position.

You can do this mudra as far as you can.