Tips for being fit


Congratulation! you take one of the best decision and complete the first step. Being fit is everyone’s dream but you deserve it. You are different from them because you are ready to do something for it. Your choice is a good one and I am here to help you with few fitness tips.

  1. Exercise Daily

Exercise is the only choice which makes you fit and flexible.  There are a vast variety of exercises like Gym, Yoga, Aerobics etc. Choose one exercise that you like.

Note: When you are doing exercise take care to stay hydrated and having enough proteins. Proteins help to build muscles not to rebuild fat.

2. Choose your foods properly

Avoid all the carbohydrates rich foods like sweets, cakes, candy etc. Fruits and vegetables are the best foods to get fitness. Choose foods like chicken, seafood, Cal, etc. These foods are rich in protein and help you to build your muscles and fit for workouts.

Note: It’s better you take small meals of six rather than three heavy meals. It will help you feel light all day long.

3. Track your calories and food intake every day.

When you are aware of your food intake you can plan your workouts easily. If your desire is weight loss then increase workout and decrease the intake of food.

4. Take proper care to sleep

Six to eight hours of sleep is a must for your body. Skipping your sleep will hurt your fitness plan drastically. Whenever you feel tired go for a half an hour nap.

5. Stay Motivated

Motivation is the key to complete any task and fitness is not different from it. Always stay positive and set your goals. Fulfillment of goals will help you stay motivated.