Top Ten Anti-Ageing Foods



Food plays a significant role in keeping you young and energetic. In this post, you will get top ten anti-ageing foods that will keep you young forever.

Many of what are considered signs of ageing-wrinkled skin, a fading memory, diminished physical capacity and an increased susceptibility to infection- are little more than deficiencies of particular chemicals called antioxidants. You don’t have to sit by and watch your body disintegrate, Instead, you can eat the following ten foods to help hang on to and replenish your biomechanical vitality. Just about any fruit or vegetable will make contributions to your quest for youth; here are ten you shouldn’t ignore.

top ten anti ageing foods


It is rich in fat,  and the major part of it is “good” fat, the mono-saturated type, that resists oxidation. Avocado is high in glutathione, an antioxidant that helps neutralize fat in other foods. Research also suggests that eating avocado lowers and improves cholesterol better than low-fat diet does.


Blueberries contain antioxidants called anthocyanins than any other food- in fact, three times more than the second-richest source, red wine, and green tea. Both blueberries and cranberries are useful to ward off urinary tract infections. And a study showed that older people who ate strawberries had the lowest rates of all kinds of cancer.


The green stuff provides an excellent array of antioxidants, Scientists at John Hopkins Institute discovered an exceptionally strong one called sulforaphane. Served to animals. The broccoli chemical stoked the activity of detoxification enzymes that slashed cancer rates by two-thirds. Broccoli is full of vitamins, beta-carotene, indole, glutathione and lutein, and also a  high source of the trace metal chromium, which is a life extender and protects against the ravages of out-of-control insulin and blood sugar.





People who ate cabbage regularly compared with once a month had only 66 percent of the risk of colon cancer, one study found. Cabbage also seems to deter stomach cancer. Savoy cabbage is the strongest one; you can eat it raw or lightly cooked, for the best effect.


Carrots are best food in fighting off ageing diseases. In a recent study, men eating a couple of carrots a day lowered blood cholesterol by 10 percent. Many studies pinpoint beta-carotene, carrots primary anti-oxidant asset, as a powerhouse against ageing and disease. People with low levels of beta-carotene in their blood are more apt to have heart attacks, strokes and various cancers.

Citrus fruits

The National Cancer Institute has called the orange the”  complete food of every class of natural anticancer inhibitor known, including carotenoids, terpenes, flavonoids and vitamin C , Grapefruit, too, has a unique type of fibre that reduces cholesterol dramatically and may reverse the ageing disease atherosclerosis.


Grapes contain 20 known antioxidants that work together to fend off oxygen free-radicals attacks that promote disease ageing, according to researchers at the University of California. The antioxidants are in the skin and the seeds, and the more colorful the skin, the greater antioxidants such.


It might give you bad breath, but they help prevent cancer, thin your blood and raise the right type(HDL) of cholesterol. Red and yellow onions are the richest of all foods in quercetin, important antioxidants that inactivate cancer-causing agents, inhibits enzymes that spur cancer growth and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity.


Heavy in lutein, an anti-ageing agent that rivals beta carotene for effectiveness, spinach also has beta carotene plus a healthy dose of folic acid, a brain and artery protector


These are the richest source of lycopene that new research reports suggest helps to preserve mental and physical functioning among the elderly. High levels of lycopene also reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer.

Why fruits and vegetables are called anti aging foods?

Fruits and vegetables are very useful to improve our health and vitality. Fruits and vegetables have miraculous powers of prolonging diseases. Fruits and vegetables are not only provide nutrients to the body but also flesh out toxins, fight carcinogens, lower cholesterol and boost immunity. Fruits and vegetables have properties of antioxidants and anti aging.Plants has the power to combat any diseases.  Example help to unclog arteries and also bring blood pressure.

Fruits and vegetables and their properties:

Tomatoes: They prevent cancer of the esophagus, stomach and colon. Tomatoes is contains lycopene. You can use tomatoes in any form.

Spinach: Taking spinach reduces risk of lung cancer and heart diseases.

Onions: Onion contains anti oxidants. Anti oxidants are useful in inactivate the cancer causing agents. Onions are very useful for preventing clotting in the arteries and rise the good cholesterol level.

Graphs: One gals of juices can prevent the formation of clots in the arteries and keep the blood thin.

Oranges: Orange contains various anti oxidants which help fight against cancer and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Carrots: Carrots contains full of  beta-carotene good for the eye sight and help in lowering blood cholesterol. Orange pigment in carrots boostimmune system.

Cabbage: Packed with anti oxidant activity, it is specifically known to prevent breast cancer.

Looking youthful doesn’t merely mean not looking old, it means having a healthier immune system and diseases fighting capacity. Fruits and vegetables has very much quality that is the reason they called anti aging foods.

What is your age?
Chronological ageing is different from biological ageing.Chronological ageing is simply the measurement of the passage of time.We will continue to have birthdays;the pages of the calendar will continue to turn.Biological ageing is the gradual destruction of the human body.most people believe that biological and chronological ageing happen simultaneously.This is a myth.
As we grow older with with time we do not have to destroy our fact,we now know biological ageing can be slowed down,stopped and in some cases,even reversed.
How can we reverse our ageing?

By keeping the brain young you can be young forever.Your brain does not hibernate in isolation with the skull.It communicates with all other parts as your body through the nerve pathways that go down spinal cord to your muscles and internal organs.Activities that occur in your brain can conceivably affect every single cell in your body,directly or indirectly.

Diet for the brain

Eat only when hungry
Eat a low fat diet fat laden blood does not circulate well.
Make fruits and vegetables the major part of your diet.
Your brains only fuel is Glucose.
When your blood sugar is low,your brain functions poorly.
When you go on a starvation diet,you starve your brain too.
Eat dried beans and legumes of all kinds,including peanuts,preferably unsalted.
Walnuts and almonds are good for the brain.
Restrict sugar and salt.
Avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils.
Restrict processed food.
Eat a relatively low calorie diet.
Soya products are low in fat and high in amino acids that make up neurotransmitters.
Curd is probably the best dairy product,primarily because of its pro biotic actions in the intestines,
Meat is an acceptable food but by no means necessary.
Fish is definitely a brain food at the top of the list.A land with lot as herring can get along with few doctors
Eat your protein first before you touch carbohydrates.
Ayurvedic brain foods:oats,oatmeal,oat flour,and oat milk and said to strengthen the brain and fortify the nervous system.Ghee made from cow’s milk is credited with correcting mental disturbances caused by energy imbalance.Brain building diet are apples oranges quince rose water ginger cloves chicken fish cow’s milk garlic and ginseng.

Manage your stess .stress releases hydro cortisone scientist have found that excess hydro cortisone damages the hippo campus,which is the centre of learning and remembering .Chronic hydrocortise release will actually shrink brain size through cell death.

Keep brain strong and be young for ever Anti aging foodsOlive oil is a best anti aging food.Fish is the best for for reversing your age the omega 3 in fish has a anti aging property.Reduce animal fat and hydrogenated oils.Have plenty of fruits vegetables.Garlic is a anti aging food.Use herbal teas and green tea.Avoid meats of pork and beaf.

Yoga asanas are very mcuh useful to prevent you biological aging.Asanas will give you flexible .Shirsa  asanas (standing on head)is one the best asana for anti aging .Sarvanga asana (shoulder standing) is also useful. Pranayam is very much useful to improve your brain power ,Meditation is a wonderful remedy for anti aging it is useful to over come stress.

A diet which contains full of anti oxidants is useful for being young.

How to get most anti oxidants from your daily diet.

Eat at least 4 to 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.Make sure you eat different types of fruits and vegetables as each one has a unique set of anti oxidants.

A glass of vegetable juice a day make you younger by one day.

Raw vegetable juice is full of both known and unknown antioxidants which help douse free radical activity.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables rather than caned ones as canning destroys a number of antioxidants.

Go for deep coloured vegetables.They have more antioxidant punch than the light coloured ones.Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and methi,oranges,carrots,red peppers,and dark lettuce leaves have more beta-carotene than lighter ones.Also red onions and black grapes have more anti oxidants than green grapes and white onions.

Anti aging principles

Say no to oily stuff and consume less oil. Excessive fat intake increases free radical activity.So avoid snacking on oily snacks.The free radicals produced after consuming such tidbits are in excess of what the body can normally diffuse and cause aging.

Use green tea it is a pack of anti oxidants.

Avoid sugar and refined flour.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

Don’t eat excess,Excess of eating is harmful

Keep in touch with your family and friends.Being loved and having a sense of belonging works as a shock absorber and helps rev up immunity.

Maintain a positive out look.Do what really makes you happy because it contributes to inner peace and longevity.

Mudra therapy

Mudra is very much useful to balance your health and the system.Sammaan mudra,pran mudra,vaayu mudra.are very much benefits for anti aging properties. Pran mudra strengthen your immunity.Vaayu mudra balance your stress level.Samman mudra prevents disease and balance the system.