Unbelievable truth about causes of depression


Yes, Latest studies report the unbelievable truth about the major causes of depression.

Last few days a meet lot of persons who are in a depression.I am unable to help them in that terrible situation, almost the condition is unbearable for them and the persons around them.One question is tortured me for last few days what is the major causes behind their depressive mood.

Everyone has some external personal situations to blame for their helpless condition.When I go through the subject and read the latest research finding I got an unbelievable truth.Here it is 


Major Causes of depression:

Depleted function of the adrenal glands is one of the main causes of mental depression.You may think an external setback or incident is the cause of your depressive mood, but the exact cause may be your irregular diet or eating habits.Irregular diet habits cause digestive problems and lead to the assimilation of fats.An excess of carbohydrates like cereals, white sugar, coffee, tea, chocolates and comparatively fewer quantities of vegetables and fruits in the diet may result in indigestion.Due to indigestion gases are produced in the digestive tract, causing compression over the diaphragm in the region of the heart and lungs.This in turn, reduces the supply of oxygen to the tissues, which raises carbon dioxide level, causing general depression.

Improper and excessive use of drugs also leads to a faulty assimilation of vitamins and minerals by the body and ultimately causes depression.The use of aspirin leads to deficiencies of vitamin C and antacids can cause deficiencies of calcium and vitamin B.Diabetes, low blood sugar and weakness of the liver resulting from the use of refined or processed foods, fried foods and an excessive intake of fats may also lead to depression.

Depression is a mental disorder, but the reason behind it is your unhealthy diet or improper medication or unhealthy lifestyle.

Be careful when you are using a medicine, don’t use a medicine without a doctors prescription.Plan your diet carefully.Always include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, there are many moods changing foods are available to include it in your diets.