Useful Natural Herbs that cure Headache and Migraine


Headache is one of the most common of all symptoms afflicting the human race.The following are few Natural Herbs that can relieve you from Headache and Migrane

1. Betel (Piper betle)
The leaves of the betel have analgesic and cooling properties. When a paste of them is applied to the center of the headache, then immediate relief is obtained.

2. Bishop’s Weed (Trachyspermum ammi)
Bishop’s weed can keep severe headaches away. It is most effective in headaches that occur due to migraine. The fumes of the lighted bishop’s weed seeds are used for the treatment. These fumes are smoked or the seeds are sniffed directly.

3.Bay Laurel – This is sometimes used in combination with feverfew in the prevention of migraines. It contains similar compounds to feverfew.

4.Corydalis – Not only is this good for headache relief but also for pain relief in general. Traditional Chinese medicine uses corydalis as a pain reliever. People who should not use this herb include pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and those with liver or kidney disease. It is wise to talk to a knowledgable health care provider before using this herb. It is generally only available in prepared products.

5 .Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)
The aroma of the clove has a headache-allaying effect. It can soothe the nerves and bring it back to a pacified state.

6.Evening Primrose – Contains a phenylalanine, a pain relieving compound. 6-8 capsules of evening primrose oil can help those with chronic headaches.

7. Garlic (Allium sativum)
Garlic has almost miraculous properties in relieving headaches, of whatever type they are. Their juice slowly permeates the head region and acts as a painkiller.

8. Ginger (Zingiber officinale)
Ginger has painkilling properties. Due to this property, it is used as an external application on the affected head region. This gives relief from the headache.

9. Henna (Lawsonia inermis)
Henna flowers have the capacity to reduce headaches if they are caused by excessive heat. The henna flowers are applied externally on the head with vinegar to get the desired results.

10.Feverfew:  feverfew herb helps two thirds of migraine sufferers to ease, or cure, their symptoms. Fever few herb can be consumed in the form of tea( leaves should not be boiled) and can also be take as capsules which will be available for leading health portals.
Caution:Feverfew should not be used when pregnant. Also other side affects should be verified before consumption.

11.Lavender Oil – Apply a few drops of lavender oil to the temples. This is one of the few essential oils that can be applied to the skin in full strength.

12.Lemon Balm – Sometimes known as melissa this herb is well known for helping relieve headaches. Steep 1 0r 2 teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water.

13.Rosemary – Make an infusion of 1 or 2 teaspoons of the dried herb in a cup of boiling water. Also try rosemary oil, juniper oil and lavender oil together in a carrier oil to massage into the back of the neck and shoulders.

14.Oregano – Make an infusion of dried or fresh oregano leaves for a cup of tea to help relieve nervous headaches.

15.Passionflower – Passiflora incarnate :
One of natures best tranquilizers, contains at least 3 tranquilizing or sedating compounds, relieves muscle tension, insomnia, mild headache relief.
(Not recommended for pregnant women or children under 2….Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after using passionflower)

16.Peppermint :Peppermint is a  herb that can create a soothing effect and cure the headaches with its coolness. The other similar herb is Passionflower which has slightly different effects than the peppermint. It comes with certain amount of sedative effect. This can slowly release the pressure on the mind and body and gradually cool the brain to cure headaches.

16.Skullcap – This can be useful for headache relief. Make a hot tea from infusing the herb with water or use a tincture. Avoid skullcap if pregnant. The botanical name to look for is scutellaria.

17.Purslane: Purslane is one herb very rich in this mineral. As most of migraine sufferers have deficiencies of Magnesium. Since the Herb is very rich in Magnesium mineral one can take this herb to cure Migraine.

18.Valerian Root: Valerian root does not target the pain caused by migraines, but it does help to reduce anxiety which is a common trigger for migraines. helps the body relax if pain is present. It is also used to help insomnia.

19.Thyme – Thyme tea is another one to try in the arsenal against headache pain.

Even though most of the herbs do not have any side affects still one should  take proper care  and advice from qualified Health professional before taking any herb.