Vaayan Mudra


Vaayan mudra is useful to increase Vata humor.Due to this quality, this mudra also called as Vata-kaarak mudra.

How to do Vaayan mudra


Vata-Kaarak or Vayaan mudra

Vata-kaarak mudrais very easy to do, just placing the tips of the index finger and middle finger on the tip of the thumb finger.

The impact of Vata-kaarak mudra on health

Vaayan mudra is very efficient in increasing Vata humor.Vata humor plays a significant role in controlling nervous system and various bodily movements.This mudra empowers nerves system and vital power.This mudra helps to overcome Vata deficiency.

Benefits of Vaayan mudra

Vaayan mudra is useful in the following conditions

  • Nervous exhaustion and the nervous breakdown.
  • Improve enthusiasm, thoughts, and perception.
  • To overcoming lethargy, laziness, debility.
  • Drowsiness and excessive sleep.
  • Intolerance of heat, sunstroke, excessive thirst, excessive sweating.
  • Frequent, profuse urination.
  • Fatness.
  • Loose motions.
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding.
  • Greasy skin, and hair.

All the disease caused due to the deficiency in Vata.

Duration For Vaayan mudra practice

30 minutes of practice is enough to get best results of Vaayan mudra

You can do this mudra at any time or in any position.If is preferred to practice it in the early hours of the morning or meditation.


If you are a Vata excess person then do this mudra in moderation only.

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