Vajra Mudra, Benefits, How to do, Duration and Precautions


Vajra mudra is useful to overcome dizziness and gets instant energy. In the modern world, 50% of the population is spending their whole day in artificial settings. It will drain their energy and decrease blood circulation. If you are one of them then this mudra is for you.

Vajra mudra
Vajra mudra

How to do Vajra Mudra

Join the tips of the little finger, ring finger, middle finger and thumb finger and extend the index finger to form Vajra mudra.

Duration of Vajra mudra practice

Just five minutes of practice will give you instant relief from dizziness.

Vajra mudra benefits

  1. Relieves dizziness.
  2. Instantly energizes the body.
  3. Improves blood circulation.
  4. Normalize low blood pressure.
  5. Helps to overcome addictions to stimulants like coffee, tobacco, and cigarette.


Different variations of Vajra Mudra is practiced in tantric Buddhist traditions in Korea and Japan.


If you are a Kapha excess person or have high blood pressure then practice this mudra in moderation only.

Other mudras to overcome low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is a dangerous health condition than high blood pressure. Nothing to worry here are few mudras to normalize low blood pressure.

Prithvi mudra and Shunya mudra also helpful to control low blood pressure.

Joining the tips of thumb finger and ring finger will form the Prithvi mudra.

Placing the tips of the middle finger at the bottom of thumb finger will form Shunya mudra.

To know more about these mudras go ahead and check these links.

Prithvi mudra


Before practicing mudras it is very important to find your body type Vata Pita and Kapha. Go ahead and find your body type. Ayurvedic body type.

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