What is Macrobiotics?


The term”macrobiotic” describes a holistic lifestyle, which seek to empower people to take control of their lives and to educate them to make healthy lifestyle choices and decisions. It empowers individuals to establis awareness, health, and harmony in their lives, personal relationships, communities, and environment.

Macrobiotics is a holistic philisophy that aims to achieve balance and peace in people’s lives through awareness and common sense living. Common sense living includes getting enough rest, eating  the way nature intended, being kind and respectful towards one and others, and respecting the environment.

Macrobiotics is now popularly known for and has been well publicised for its success in curing disease, most notably cancer. While a very strict version of the macrobiotic practitioners recommend a more varied diet based on whole grains, vegetales, beans and other organic natural foods. By eating the way nature intended, you not only support the ecosystem, but also enhance your own health. To test this yourself, read our seasonal health tip for easy ways you can transition to natural foods and feel stronger and healthier in the process.

Macrobiotics is based on the chinese philosophy of yin and yang, which are two qualities that balance one; another, and which exist in every natural object and cycle. Yon is the flexible, fluid and cool side of nature, while yang elements in everything, including people, and macrobiotics is a philosophy aimed at balancing them to promote good health.

Yin qualities are peacefulness, calm, creativity, sociability and a relaxed attitude and behaviour. Yang qualities, include activity, alertness, energy and precision. Most people have a mix of both these qualities. However, when one becomes stronger than the other, a state of imbalance can occur, which can result in illness. Too much yin can lead to depression, fatigue and sleeping problems; too much yand can cause tension, irritability, hyperactivity and insomnia.

A macrobiotic therapist would attemp to righ that balance by suggesting an increased intake of yin foods for someone suffering from too much yang, and the opposite for someone with too much yin.

Achieving personal health and balance is the first stem in realizing harmony in all other relationships.